Tuck into mouth-watering German fare at this Bandra pop-up

Oct 07, 2015, 08:10 IST | Suprita Mitter

East meets West as home chef Ananya Banerjee hosts a German food pop-up to celebrate Oktoberfest. Here’s what to expect

  Home-cooked German food? The idea itself got us all excited and we were curious to savour the goodies when the delivery arrived at our office. The first box contained Brat Wurst, grilled pork sausages made from scratch. Quite different from the variety offered at cold storages, these were succulent and mildly flavoured.

The Frikadelen (meatballs) was an instant hit
The Frikadelen (meatballs) was an instant hit

The second dish we tried was Frikadelen, mutton meatballs in German. These were melt-in-the-mouth variety. The Kartofeln Salad, essentially a potato salad, was nothing special but complimented the meat nicely. The Chicken Schnitzels (cutlets) were crisp on the outside and tender within; these disappeared before we could return to the table for a second helping. The Eintoph (slow cooked meat stew) with Krauter brot (herbed bread, more like garlic bread) earned rave reviews too.

Brat Wurst (Pork Sausages)
Brat Wurst (Pork Sausages)

Banerjee’s menu will include Reibe Khuchen Potato and Butter Kuchen (butter cake with custard sauce). So if you can’t board
that flight to Hamburg or Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest, book a table at this interesting pop-up.

On: October 9, 7.30 pm onwards, October 10, 12.30 pm to 3 pm
At: The Pint Room, Bandra (W).
Cost: Rs 950 (veg) Rs 1250 (non veg)
Call: 9820400222
Note: Booking closes this evening. Food will be prepared for guests who confirm. Refunds not possible.

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