Two youths drown in Pune during boozy first salary celebration

Oct 22, 2014, 00:30 IST | Chaitraly Deshmukh

Vivaan John Kenadi (23), who had got his first salary on Monday, slipped into a water-filled quarry in Lohegaon after consuming alcohol; his friend Kartik (22) died trying to save him

A boozy celebration of a 23-year-old’s first salary led to his death and that of a friend at a quarry in Lohegaon on Monday. The quarry is filled with water and the bodies of the two youth were fished out yesterday.

Celebration turns sour: The water-filled quarry where the two friends drowned

Sub-inspector Anand Sahane of the Vimantal police said, “Vivaan John Kenadi (23) was working at a Koregaon Park-based call centre and had received his first salary on Monday. Initial investigation has revealed that he planned to celebrate with his friends Kartik Dhananjay Pillai (22), Eyob More (21) and Raju Lokbhodhan (20).”

“At noon on Monday Vivaan and Kartik withdrew money from an ATM in Camp and went to a Yerawada-based bar to drink. They then headed to the Agarwal quarry in Lohegaon and asked Eyob and Raju to join them. Around 5 pm, Kartik was swimming and Vivaan, who had consumed a lot of alcohol, lost his balance and fell into the water. Vivaan drowned and Kartik died trying to save him. Eyob also jumped in to save the duo, but was unsuccessful. He alerted us about the incident,” added Sahane.

The quarry is more than 100 feet deep and a team of eight fire brigade officials was called in to help fish out the bodies. But, since they lacked expertise in underwater diving, they tried to retrieve the bodies by laying a trap in the water.

Police then took the help of Vijay Dasharath Shivtare (48), who had worked as a diving supervisor with the Navy and now runs Maharashtra Underwater Services. Shivtare jumped into the quarry with proper diving equipment on Tuesday and was able to find the bodies after five hours.”

“The bodies were found at a depth of more than 70 feet. The quarry is also used as an immersion site and it was difficult to search for the bodies because of the Ganesh idols lying there,” added Shivtare.

Both Vivaan and Kartik are residents of Bhopodi. The Vimantal police have registered a case of accidental death.
“We will be able to confirm the cause of death after we get the post-mortem report,” said PSI Sahane.

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