Undeclared gold worth Rs 76 lakh seized at airport

Jan 06, 2014, 12:56 IST | Neha LM Tripathi

Five unrelated fliers who thought they could get away with stashing undeclared gold in secret places were proved wrong, when the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) of the customs department seized gold worth Rs 76 lakh from them over the weekend

First, AIU seized a gold chain at 11.10 pm on Saturday from a passenger named Sayyed Mozim Raza, who was on his way to the city from Bangkok. He was thoroughly checked by the officials on the basis of suspicion and a crude gold chain was found on him. It weighed 304 grams, which is worth Rs 7,49,567 in the market.

After two hours, the officials caught Mohammed Sharif Jafar, who landed in the city at around 2.30 am yesterday from Dubai. He was carrying with him five gold biscuits that weighed 583.3 grams and are valued at Rs 14, 37,984. Jafar had concealed the biscuits inside the waist portion of his jeans and was caught during checking. 

Abdul Bawa Fakir Apkar, who arrived from Riyadh, was caught with four gold bars at around 5.30 am yesterday. The passenger had hidden the bars in his underwear and was caught by the officials during checking near the green channel exit. The four gold bars weighing 466.56 grams have a market value of Rs 11,50,388.

Officials working the morning shift, too, faced a similar situation, when at around 10 am yesterday, an Indian residing in Uttar Kannad district of Karnataka was caught and arrested. Alibabu Abdul Mateen Mohiddin, who landed from Dammam, the capital of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, was carrying 12 gold bars weighing 1399.68 grams and worth Rs 34,51,164. Mohiddin had hidden all the 12 bars in specially stitched pockets under his belt.

In the fifth case, passenger Ahmed Nellikonu Abbas, arriving from Dubai, concealed two gold cylinders weighing 350 grams inhis rectum. The gold recovered was worth Rs 8,55,442.

“Such cases are caught when a person assumes that the checking would be conducted only on the luggage and not on an individual. Also, such people assume that they can slink in taking the advantage of the rush at the airport.

Also, the three cases have gold below Rs 20 lakh and they know that they cannot be arrested and will be left after a penalty. This is one of the reasons why people take such chances. However, Mohiddin who was arrested will be left on bail.

This is a crude attempt in smuggling and the first gold chain concealments of the year,” saidAPS Suri, commissioner of Customs.

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