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Aug 31, 2012, 08:25 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Two Pronouns and a Verb, a book that talks about love and anger was recently launched in Pune

Author Kiran Khalap has recently released a book, Two Pronouns and a Verb, that deals with issues related to love and anger. The book talks about love and anger.

Author Kiran Khalap said that the main inspiration behind writing the book was to answer the question ‘Who am I’. “When I started analysing things this question haunted me. So I tried to find its answer and in the book I have tried to share it with all. I feel that through writing one can share what one knows with others,” he says.

Author Kiran Khalap

Khalap points that the challenges he faced while writing the book was that the book has underlying themes which were challenging. The book is based upon the Ayurvedic concept that there are three types of people with different characteristics based of Vata, Pitta and Kapha that represent the moods of the people.

I have written about three people having these three characteristics. I wrote the book in the third person and then in the first person. But finally it was printed in the third person format. I had to research a lot to understand the characters, their way of life and how they behave,” he adds.

Khalap considers the book as an exercise for self-exploration. “Writing is an act of sharing and so I keep on writing. In our country a lot of people who have different temperaments and so we can get a lot of stories by observing them,” he states.

Two Pronouns and a Verb is about the perennial question: Who am I? It’s also a triangle of love and anger, with two childhood friends Arjun, the doubter, and Dhruv, the believer, at two vertices, and Eva torn between the two. Dhruv wishes to bend the universe to his beliefs, Arjun wishes to interrogate himself till the universe is revealed within himself.

Eva just needs their love to survive. It draws parallels from Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of life. It’s the story of friends unspooling their destinies along separate paths, crisscrossing through memory, yearning and near-greatness, as each struggle to answer their first and last question.

Khalap is brand consultant and founder of Chlorophyll, a brand and communications consultancy. He started as a copywriter in Lintas (now Lowe). He has also authored some maverick pieces like Halfway up the mountain which make for riveted reading.

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