University will conduct re-exam for stranded students

Apr 20, 2012, 06:56 IST | Kranti Vibhute

At a meeting held by Mumbai University's Board of Examination (BOE) yesterday, it was revealed that out of 9,700 students, 62 students had missed their final year and post graduation examinations on the day Central Railway train services went for a toss.

The emergency meeting was held to discuss if a re-exam is needed, and the BOE have decided to conduct a re-exam for all the students who missed their respective exams on Wednesday.

Dr Subhas Deo, director of examination and evaluation, said, “After getting details from all the exam centres, we found 62 students were absent. Hence, it was decided that we would contact all these students individually and try to ascertain the reasons for their absence.”

Students who are appearing for the exams are from Third Year Bachelor of Arts, Third Year Bachelor of Fine Arts, Third Year Bachelor of Business Management Studies, Third Year Bachelor of Mass Media, Masters in Arts, Masters in Commerce and Masters in Science streams. 

The re-exams will be held after the completion of their respective exams, but only after ascertaining why they were absent. It was also decided in the meeting that the University will appoint a joint chief conductor in every exam centre in future.

“Earlier, the entire onus of conducting the exams was on the principal of the college. But with the new addition, every examination centre will have a joint chief conductor from another college, and will remain at the centre for the duration of exams,” said Deo. 

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