US man arrested for dialling 911 more than 100 times in one month

May 24, 2013, 10:00 IST | ANI

A man from Sacramento has been arrested for calling 911 more than 100 times in about a month

According to police, Jimmy Shao needs help and he thinks that only the emergency hotline dispatcher can give it to him, the New York Daily News reported.

The 56-year-old told KTXL-TV that the government is sending satellite signals directly into his body, thereby causing him severe pain and anguish.

“They squeeze my brain, they press my stomach, they stir my intestines,” he said.

Some of Jimmy Shao’s calls to 911 lasted as long as seven minutes.

Hatke news, US man arrested for dialling 911 more than 100 times in one month
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Police arrested Shao for tying up precious resources for what they see as a false emergency.

Sacramento Police Officer Michele Gigante said that shao was told to stop making those calls and to use non-emergency lines but he refused to do so.

He called 911at least three times even after being arrested.

Shao, who keeps his very own log book of all the times he’s called the line, said that it’s the feds, maybe the CIA itself, that is harassing him with its insistent satellite pings.

He also admits that he may sound crazy, but claims that he visited a psychiatrist at his former wife’s behest and was given a clean bill of mental health.

Meanwhile, Jena Swafford, Sacramento''s 911 dispatch supervisor said that it can be very frustrating for a dispatcher because, for them 911 is their number one priority.  

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