US school to set world record for having 24 sets of twins in a single class

Jun 12, 2013, 10:04 IST | ANI

An Illinois middle school has claimed a new world record for having the most sets of twins in a single grade- two dozen of them

The school is set to break the current record of sixteen sets.

Luke and Ryan Novosel, 11-year-old twins from Wilmette, Ill., discovered that fact when they began counting up all the other twins in their Highcrest Middle School directory, while trying to find a way into the reference book, the New York Daily News reported.

The brothers submitted an application with Guinness Book of World Records earlier this year, with some help from parents, and after following up with birth certificates, photos and proof that all are enrolled at the school, they expect official recognition in several weeks.
Most of the twins are fraternal, with three sets of boy-boy twins, 11 sets of girl-girl twins and 10 sets of boy-girl twins.

In every other way, two dozen of them are typical fifth graders, but the fact that they all happen to be in the same grade at the same school is unusual.  

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