Use voting slips given by district officials, not netas, urges collector

Apr 16, 2014, 07:37 IST | A Correspondent

District collector cautions the electorate, saying the administration has taken a lot of care to make slips

District Collector Saurabh Rao addressed a press conference yesterday information the district administration’s overall preparation for voting day on April 17.

He said that voters should only use the voter’s slips distributed by the district election department, instead of the ones provided by political parties. Rao said, “I have already sent a message to the voters, asking them not to accept voter slips provided by any political party.”

He added that the department’s staff took immense efforts in making the slips and so far, they reached out to
40-lakh voters in the district.

Tracking polls
Regarding the new SMS system initiated by the department, Rao said that through the monitoring system, the numbers of the presiding and polling officers of every polling station would be registered in the department’s computerised system.

“We would receive an SMS when the presiding and polling officers would reach the polling stations. On voting day, a mock poll drill will be carried out at 6 am, and after completing that process, we will SMS updates of the entire operation of all stations. Thus, this system will be on throughout the day,” Rao said. Updates will be received after every two hours.

Vulnerable zones
The collector added that special care would be taken of 108 sensitive polling stations in the district to ensure the elections sails smoothly. Talking about malpractices, Rao said, “Sixteen cases of distribution of money among voters have been registered in various police stations in the district. So far, cash worth R94.21 lakh has been seized from city and rural areas of the district,” said Rao.

The staff of 52,000 government employees would be deployed on 7,258 polling stations across the district to carry out the poll process smoothly on April 17,” he said. “So far, cash worth R94.21 lakh has been seized from city and rural areas of the district,” said Rao.

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