Vasai teenager contemplates suicide after bullying

Jan 24, 2016, 12:15 IST | Samiullah Khan

Fifteen-year-old Hritik Chugh, claims he was thrashed by bullies from nearby school; buckled under pressure when they demanded a liquor bottle

A 15-year-old teenager from Vasai, on Saturday, attempted suicide after continuous harassment by a group of bullies from a nearby school, he alleges. Hritik Chugh had been beaten by a group of boys often, but refused to reveal anything to his family or teachers. It was when the bullies demanded a bottle of whiskey from him last Wednesday, and threatened him with more thrashing, that he decided to end his life.

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Hritik Chugh
Hritik Chugh

A student of Class 10 of St. Francis High School, Vasai, part of the Ryan International Group of institutions, Hritik, according to his father Haresh Chugh, was bullied by students of St Peters School. He alleged that they often consume liquor and drugs while hanging around his son’s school. Last Wednesday, they approached the teen and demanded a bottle of whiskey from him. On Friday, Haresh noticed he was missing one bottle of whiskey at home and later found it in his son’s bag.

The note written in an exercise book
The note written in an exercise book

Later, his mother noticed that although her son had left for school, he had left behind his Marathi exercise book despite an exam that day. She opened it to find a suicide note that read: “Papa, I’m sorry. Main galat nahin hoon. Maine aaj tak sharab ko haath nahin lagaya.” He blamed 11 bullies from St Peters for the decision to end his life.

Hritik Chugh’s father holds up the note. PICS/HANIF PATEL
Hritik Chugh’s father holds up the note. Pics/Hanif Patel

The Chughs rushed their son back home, and learnt of the story. The family has filed an NC with Manikpur police station and an investigation has been initiated. On Saturday, when the cops went to his school to identify the bullies, they were unsuccessful since it was half day. They plan to visit the school again on Monday with Hritik.

Haresh said although the police had cooperated, they hadn’t bothered to check the suicide note. Police inspector Prakash Birajdar said his officers weren't informed of a note by the parents.

Ryan International Group COO Neti Srinivasan, said, “The child had a fight with children from another school outside our premises after school hours. The student’s course work was incomplete and our principal had a discussion with his parents and provided an extension to complete his term work. After the discussion, everything seemed normal. However, we are not aware about the incident that occurred outside the school premises.”

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