Veggie prices set to hit the roof

Apr 15, 2012, 07:44 IST | Team SMD

APMC traders and officials attribute the escalating rates to less supply of produce and scarcity of water in rural areas

As anticipated by traders at APMC market in March, prices of vegetables have been increasing significantly this summer and are likely to hit their highest rates ever. The prices have increased by 10 to 20 per cent since March. APMC officials and traders have attributed the escalating rates to less supply of vegetables, which in turn has been caused by scarcity of water in rural parts of Maharashtra, from where Mumbai gets most of its supplies. 

While brinjal, which was priced Rs 140-200 per kg in March, costs Rs 160-220 in April, ladyfinger, which cost Rs 249-220, is now available for Rs 300-340 at the APMC market. file pic

Prakash Prabhu, a trader at APMC market said, “We had anticipated in March that vegetable prices would increase in April due to scarcity of water in most parts of the state and the country. Water levels have gone down significantly this month, which has led to low production of vegetables. So we have experienced a gradual decrease in the supply of vegetables in the last two months, which has led to the increase in prices. We cannot rule out the possibility of a huge hike in prices within the next few months.”

Officials from APMC confirmed that the supply of vegetables has decreased significantly this year since the number of lorries that bring the supplies from rural parts of Maharashtra and India have reduced in the last two months. R S Gadhari, deputy secretary of APMC said, “In February, over 600 lorries came to APMC market’s vegetable wing every day. This number reduced to 470-500 in mid March and now it has decreased to 400-420.”  

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