Vehicles using Kopra bridge put pedestrians' lives at risk

May 23, 2013, 09:27 IST | Maithili Vaze

Pedestrians-only bridge is regularly being used by motorists, causing inconvenience to those on foot

Navi Mumbai pedestrians are no more safe on the roads, as vehicles are taking over roads not meant for them. Motor vehicles are illegally plying on a narrow pedestrian bridge constructed at Kharghar, near Kopra even though authorities have clearly specified that only pedestrians use the road. The bridge is located just after the Hiranandani flyover towards Kanda colony. On the left of the second flyover there is a bridge to the left, which is built over a nulla, where the violations occur.

No entry: Motorists often ply on a narrow pedestrian bridge built over a nullah

The narrow bridge, which is built for the convenience of pedestrians, even has a board stating the instruction. With a constant stream of vehicles, pedestrians are terrified to walk on the bridge, as it puts their lives at risk since there is only space for one vehicle to pass by on the overpass.

Rutuja Kadam, who uses this bridge daily, said, “The movement of vehicles is a daily nuisance and it is chaotic every evening due to the surge in traffic. This is a serious situation and we need to work on it. As responsible citizens, we must come together and fight for the same. Though it is the duty of the CIDCO to make sure that motorists avoid using this road, we need to make them aware of the same.”

Several pedestrians say that they are sometimes even hit by the vehicles. But no action has been taken by the administration even though children make use of this bridge.

Kharghar resident Ankush Pore said, “Children also frequent this bridge. We are also worried about the strength of the structure as it may not be strong enough to bear the load of vehicles like tempos and cars. CIDCO has to own up to the responsibility, and take necessary steps.”

Residents say authorities don’t even assign a traffic policeman to curb the violations. At least one traffic cop needs to be stationed at bridge to levy fines on motorists who use the bridge, said a pedestrian.

Kiran Raut, a resident of Kharghar, said, “Everybody is using this bridge since several years. But, its our bad luck that the authorities are not looking into the matter seriously.”

Taloja resident Fatima Shiekh, a daily commuter, said, “There are several other routes that can be taken by motorists, but they continue to break traffic laws by using this bridge. This bridge is definitely going to fall apart someday since a large volume of vehicles use this bridge daily.” 

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