Veteran actor Farooq Sheik unplugged

Jan 14, 2013, 08:05 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

When you meet veteran actor Farooq Sheikh, you are charmed by his simplicity, humour and hospitality.

Talking about the theme of his next film, the actor says, “Life is what you want it to be. Your circumstances can be good or bad, but the idea is to adjust and not succumb to them.” Candid and articulate, here’s what the actor has to tell CS about life, films and romance:

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Life’s beautiful
If you belong to the class that doesn’t have to worry about it’s basic needs, you should try and reach out to people who perhaps need some help. This will help you broaden your perspective in life. On a lighter note, I find it very energising to be around children. That’s because, they give 100 per cent undivided attention to whatever they do. Just stand outside a school, moments before the bell rings for the day. The enthusiasm that kids display while running out of the classroom is just so infectious.

Matinee masti
I am excited about any role that’s well written. Also, before signing a film, I need the confidence that the director knows his subject well. This is a great time for people who want to do something different in films. You can make a film with a budget of `100 crores or a small film. Today, actors are in demand, that too with a variety of filmmakers. This was not the scene in my times. We had to hunt for work.

Generation gap
The current crop of actors is 20 times smarter than what we were in our times. They are more prepared and equipped. It is upto them to choose whether they want to become truly great actors or stars who command `20 crore per film after two superhits. I love Ranbir Kapoor. I think he has the potential to be one of the finest actors ever. Likewise, I love Akshaye Khanna too, but then we see so little of him. I think he’s a very interesting actor.

Love aaj kal
I don’t think the era of romance will ever end in cinema. Romance is too strong an emotion to fade away. All of us dream of falling in love, at least once in our lives. But the thing is, you need time in romance to fully enjoy it. In today’s films, the hero meets the heroine one day and in the next meeting, they are in bed. So, the romance shown in modern films is like fast food. It fills your stomach, but there’s no sense of contentment. 

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