Vijay Raaz to the rescue

May 01, 2012, 08:27 IST | Mauli Singh

Actor Vijay Raaz had to step in as the director for his forthcoming film to tide over a crisis on the sets

Vijay Raaz and Manu Rishi found themselves on some rather new ground during the shoot of their upcoming film. After reaching Fiji, where the shoot was scheduled, much to their chagrin, Vijay and Manu were entrusted with the responsibility of directing the film as well as rewriting the script, respectively.

Apparently, there were some serious flaws with the script and also in the work of newbie director Pratham Jolly. Vijay and Manu ultimately had to come to the producer’s rescue and turn the film around.

Our source says, “The story about the bond between an Indian and a Pakistani soldier stationed at the Indo-Pak border was supposed to be shot at the backdrop of sand dunes.

When the crew landed in Fiji they realised most of the script would have to be re-written, as they couldn’t show water scarcity among the lush green mountains. The director wanted to cheat locations, but the actors took a stand against that decision. Most of the scenes had to be modified to suit the new location.”

The source adds, “Also there were flaws in the way Vijay and Manu’s characters were written. Since it would have been a huge loss to the producer Karan Arora to postpone the shoot, he asked Manu to re-write the scenes and the characters.”

We also learn that Pratham willingly stepped aside to let Vijay direct the film. “Both the actors had a choice, either to leave the film or take up the challenge. If it weren’t for them, the film would have suffered a lot,” adds the source.

Another source from the film lashes out at the newbie director, “Pratham is a young boy in his mid-20s and he was in a rush to shoot without doing proper research.” Manu Rishi and Vijay Raaz were unavailable for the comments.

Karan Arora confirms, “Vijay has been credited as the director. He and I handled the shoot on the sets. All of this has been decided mutually and there is no disagreement.” Pratham Jolly refused to comment on the story. 

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