Video of brave woman cop taking on 'bullying' BJP workers goes viral

Jun 26, 2017, 19:36 IST | mid-day online correspondent

A video of a Uttar Pradesh woman police officer, Shrestha Thakur, confronting angry BJP workers who turn to bullying after being fined for traffic violations has gone viral

Screen grab of Uttar Pradesh police woman officer Shrestha Thakur standing up to bullying BJP workersScreen grab of Uttar Pradesh police officer Shrestha Thakur standing up to alleged BJP workers

A routine traffic stop by the police in western Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr district turned into fodder for a viral video when a lady police officer, Shreshtha Thakur, stood her ground while being bullied by BJP workers. The incident took place when one of the workers was fined and subsequently arrested for not carrying appropriate driving documents.

As per reports by NDTV, the incident occurred on Friday afternoon, when a BJP district-level worker Pramod Lodhi, was stopped and issued challan for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

In video footage that quickly went viral, officer Thakur, a Circle Officer (CO) is seen confronting BJP workers raising slogans against the police. The video clearly shows them surrounding the lady officer and asking her why the police targets only ‘samaj sevaks’ (community helpers). She is then seen telling them that “she will add sections for creating public disorder to their charge sheets”.

As the standoff progresses, officer Thakur is seen saying, "You please go and get written orders from the Chief Minister that the police have no right to check vehicles... that we can't do our job. You (BJP workers) are bringing a bad name to your party... people will soon start saying that you are BJP's goondas” she adds

As the furor intensified, officer Thankur alleges that the man misbehaved with her and a constable and should be arrested for disorderly behavior. "He misbehaved with me and then a constable. He also created a scene in the court. We will file another case against him," she said.

In an attempt to explain their stand, the BJP workers staged a protest outside the court when the accused was produced and outside Thakur's office. They allege that the man was arrested because he refused to pay Thakur a bribe of Rs 500 over and above the penalty for not wearing his helmet. A claim, that Thakur has denied. She added that they issue thousands of challans in a day and no one had any such accusations except him.

This is not the first time when a woman officer has been at the receiving end of criticism and bullying. A few weeks ago, a lady police officer, Charu Nigam was seen wiping tears away after she was threatened by senior BJP leader and Gorakhpur lawmaker, Radha Mohan Das Agarwal.

The Indian Police Services (IPS) officer was seen trying to control women protesters as they demanded a ban on liquor shops. During that incidence, a renowned doctor, Mr Agarwal was seen shouting at the officer, saying, “Main aapse baat nahin kar raha hoon... mujhe tum kuch na batao. Chup raho tum! Bardasht ke bahar mat jao (I am not speaking to you. Don't tell me anything. You keep quiet. Don't cross your limits)". He later justified his actions by saying that his actions came only after the lady officer used brute force against pregnant and old women at the protest.


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