Vision for a healthy India

Jul 02, 2012, 08:27 IST | The Centre stage Team

Dr Muffazal Lakdawala (popularly known as Dr Muffi) is one of the leading surgeons in Asia and performs the largest number of anti-obesity surgeries in India.

He set up CODS (Center for Obesity & Diabetes Surgery), a one-of-its-kind organisation for obese and diabetic patients. Social work is close to his heart and he has been conducting laparoscopy surgical camps for underprivileged women in the interiors of Gujarat and Rajasthan for over seven years now. Due to numerous requests to set up a base outside Mumbai, Dr Muffi will soon begin dividing time between Mumbai and Delhi. He spoke to CS on the occasion of World Doctor’s Day. 

Obesity is an epidemic
Obesity is fast assuming epidemic proportions due to a combination of increasingly western food habits and sedentary lifestyles. The culture of parks and playgrounds is vanishing and people are glued to one screen or another (movie, TV, computer, tablet, mobile). This is a cause for concern.

CODS is a support system
I set up CODS in order to provide an environment where people with obesity issues can come in and find an environment conducive to helping them tackle their problem. Clinically severe obesity or morbid obesity has to be addressed surgically. Bariatric surgery is the only hope for them. At CODS, we deal with nutrition, psychological help, food supplements and many more related areas focusing on the needs of the obese besides Bariatric Surgery.

No physical or emotional scars
SILS Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery is a technique which requires immense precision; wherein the entire laparoscopic surgery is done with a single incision in the belly button. So people who don’t want to share the secret of having undergone a weight loss surgery, can opt for this procedure safely. It has a quicker healing time and is less painful. Today, CODS has the largest number of patients with SILS anti obesity (sleeve) surgery in the world.

A healthy India
I want to encourage India to pursue a fit lifestyle. I want to urge people struggling with weight issues that obesity can be tackled. For clinically severe obesity, anti obesity surgery is the only safe long-term option for a better healthier life. My vision continues to be for a slim India, a healthy India, an India free from diabetes.  

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