Vivek Oberoi caves in to wife Priyanka's demands

Aug 08, 2012, 08:53 IST | Jigar Shah

Caving in to his wife Priyanka's demands, Vivek Oberoi recently traded his high-end motorbike

Back in 2010, when Vivek Oberoi bought a spanking new yellow Ducati motorbike, he became his neighbours and friends’ envy. However, looks like they can finally heave a sigh of relief, as the actor recently sold off the two-wheeler. The reason? Apparently, because his wife Priyanka is not so enthusiastic about his “adventurous” ways.

Vivek Oberoi

Our source close to the actor says, “Vivek is an adventure junkie. He loves high-speed bikes. Priyanka, who is not so enthusiastic about the two-wheeler, told Vivek to give it away. She has not let him ride the bike.” After sulking for a few days, Vivek allegedly gave in to his wife’s demands and sold the bike.

Double trouble
Vivek Oberoi finds himself in the middle of a brewing war. Two of his films are all set to release on the same date, October 6. While the producers of the respective films lock horns with each other over who should alter his release date, words of advice from Vivek for them have apparently fallen on deaf ears.


VO’s forthcoming film with Mallika Sherawat has been produced by Amit Chandraa, while the gangster movie with Neha Sharma has been made by Kumar Taurani. Taurani says, “Since I announced the release date of my film first, Amit will have to shift his release date.”

Chandrra argues, “I started shooting even before Taurani did. My film took longer to make, as there are several special effects. I will release it first as I started shooting first.” Apparently, the producers have agreed to meet each other in a day or two to find a solution to this unique problem.

Sonali Joshi Pitale 

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