Vivek Oberoi's diction trainer walks out on him

Jan 02, 2012, 07:20 IST | Divya Unny

After being made to wait for hours everyday

After being made to wait for hours everyday

Vivek Oberoi, whose 2012 calendar is packed with a bunch of projects, seems to need a lesson or two about punctuality in the industry.
After ticking off Salman Khan, a few years ago, Vivek has managed to irk his diction tutor. The actor has been taking lessons in diction for Kismet, Love Paisa, Dilli (KLPD).

Says a source, "Vivek has been shooting for Krrish currently. Unfortunately, he used to end up spending hours trying to learn his lines and for his make-up and costume. He used to shoot through the night and therefore could hardly dedicate any time to his tutor."

The tutor would end up spending time on the sets doing nothing much. Adds the source, "If this was a one off case, it would be understandable. But this happened almost every day. Finally he decided to walk out on him."

This has now put the producers of KLPD in a fix, considering they will start shooting in a month and getting his diction right was very important.

Adds the source, "Vivek realises that he wasn't able to manage time properly in this case, so he has decided to train himself."

The actor has apparently decided to reach the sets of KLPD an hour before the call time, just to practise his diction. Better late than never. 

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