Vora made to spill the beans on Simrin, Viveka

May 04, 2012, 11:18 IST | Shiva Devnath

MiD DAY brings you a detailed account of a session that cops conducted with tight-lipped Gautam Vora, grilling him about the nature of his relationship with Viveka Babajee and Simrin Sud

Police: For how long have you known Viveka?
Vora: I was introduced to her three months before her death. We met at a party, through a common friend. We became close. Since then we were constantly in touch with one another. Once, when I asked if she had any relationships in the past, she became emotional and asked me not to ask her again. Since then, I never asked her about her past.

Police: How close were you to Viveka?
Vora: This is my personal life, and I don’t want to talk about it.

Police: When you are in police custody, your matters are no more personal. We are investigating the death of Viveka and you are a suspect.
Vora: We were very close.

Police: But you had said that you were just friends?
Vora: Yes.

Police: Your families were ready for your marriage, then?
Vora: No. We were very good friends, but not close enough to get married. We weren’t in love.

Police: Did you ever promise Viveka marriage? Because Viveka’s close friend said that the two of you were planning to get married.
Vora: Absolutely not. We did not have any wedding plans, and I had never promised to marry her. What others say doesn’t matter to me.

Police: But Viveka wrote in her diary that the two of you planned to get married.
Vora: No, it was not so.

Police: When did you last meet Viveka?
Vora: My last meeting was with Viveka on Thursday before her death. There was a small dispute between us, and that too was spurred by her bad habits. She was a drug addict, which I didn’t like. She started saying random things, and so I left the place.

Police: Why did you go to her house? What did you tell her and what was her response?
Vora: Viveka had called me that night, saying that she was depressed and wanted to meet me. So I went at her request, and stayed there for one-and-a-half hours. She was depressed, and had already taken sleeping pills. She was constantly smoking and drinking wine. She was saying things that I didn’t understand. Before leaving the house, I told her to relax and meet me the next day. But she did not contact me, and soon I got news of her death.

Police: So why did she write your name in her diary?
Vora: I don’t know. I don’t know anything about it.

Police: Did she share any problems with her other friends with you?
Vora: I didn’t know Viveka’s friends, I only knew her. We didn’t discuss her friends, so I don’t know about them, neither did I have any problems with any of them.

Police: What do you know about her business?
Vora: I knew her for three months before her death. We never spoke about her business, but I knew that she was in event management.

Police: Did you know about her depression?
Vora: I didn’t know, but being her friend, I kept meeting her, so she would feel peace.

Police: Did you ever fight in your three-month-long friendship?
Vora: No, never.

Police: How did you know Simrin?
Vora: She was just a friend.

Police: For how long did you know her?
Vora: I don’t remember.

Police: Have you been friends for 5 years?
Vora: Yes.

Police: Then why did you lie?
Vora: I didn’t lie. Actually I don’t remember.

Police: You must remember that when you went to Goa with Simrin, Viveka came to know about this incident?
Vora: Yes, but just like that.

Police: According to Viveka’s diary, the two of you fought after that.
Vora: (No response)

Police: Did Simrin ever call Viveka?
Vora: Why would she?

Police: But Simrin has said that she told off and threatened Viveka.
Vora: I don’t know.

Police: How do you know Palande?
Vora: I don’t know him.

Police: Then why did you help him when he ran away from the police?
Vora: I didn’t know that his name was Palande. Simrin told me that his name was Karan Sood. So I went.

Police: You went to meet Simrin in police custody at Oshiwara?
Vora: Yes, because she is my friend.

Police: But Simrin said that you were more than just friends.
Vora: No, it’s not like that.

Police: How many times have you spoken to Palande and Simrin?
Vora: I don’t remember.

Police: Your phone says there were 1,700 calls between you, and you say you don’t remember?
Vora: (No response)

Police: Why did you call her so many times?
Vora: (No response)

Police: You are not in your drawing room, so reply sincerely.
Vora: Just like that.

Police: Did you know Anuj Tikku?
Vora: No.

Police: And what about Karan Kakkad?
Vora: (No response)

Police: How many times did you talk to them?
Vora: (No response)

Police: Why did you feel angry about the relationship between Kakkad and Simrin?
Vora: No, I didn’t feel bad about that.

Police: Palande said that you were very angry.
Vora: He is lying.

Police: Who do you know in the Khar police station?
Vora: The officer who wrote my statement.

Police: Viveka’s death was not normal, you did something.
Vora: Why are you forcing your ideas on me?

Police: No, I am just asking. Tell me if you want to.
Vora: What I have to say, I have told you already.

Police: We have a lot of proof against you.
Vora: You should present that to the court. 

Sud admits to relationship with Vora
Simrin Sud yesterday confessed that she had been in a relationship with Gautam Vora, and had even lived in his house for three days last month. Examining her phone, cops learnt that 1,700 phone calls had been exchanged between the two, along with SMSes.

They discovered that Sud had lived at Malabar Hill between April 4 and 6. Grilled by cops, she finally confessed that she had been living at Vora’s address on those dates. Sud had lived in Vora’s house after his parents left for Gujarat on April 3.

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