Want to survive wedding season? Work out, eat right, stay in shape!

Updated: 10 December, 2018 14:19 IST | Suman Mahfuz Quazi | Mumbai

Work out, eat right and ensure your body remains in shape through the exigencies of the wedding season

DeepVeer and NickYanka's weddings and post-wedding events that seem like endless shindigs are only a glimpse into what the coming weeks have in store, what with the party and festive season in full swing. We spoke to a chef, nutritionist, fitness coach, restaurant owner and fitness buff and a yoga junkie to ensure your body doesn't take a toll while you continue to have fun.


Eat right
Nutritional consultant Jaydeep Bhuta, who has worked with the likes of Swara Bhasker and Huma Qureshi, says we have got it all wrong. "The word detox is incorrect; the scientific term is free radical. Our body is made up of cells that consist of atoms. Every atom's outer orbit has an electron pairing.

Bajra risotto
Bajra risotto

Whenever eating habits are not ideal, this pairing breaks and the single electron tends to draw other electrons from nearby atoms in order to stabilise, which can in turn lead to damage, and is the primary cause for free radicals," he explains, adding that eating right doesn't only include foods that are high in antioxidants, but also those that are high in good-quality protein and fats. Echoing this, chef at health cafe Sante Spa Cuisine, Shailendra Kekade says that healthy eating should be a continuous process. "Detoxifying your body has nothing to do with the time of the year. It is essential to do it regularly rather than at end of the year," he elucidates. Kekade and Bhuta suggest:

Jaydeep Bhuta and Shailendra Kekade
Jaydeep Bhuta and Shailendra Kekade

* Avoiding packaged and processed food. Concentrate on coloured pigments, herbs, berries and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E-rich foods help because they have antioxidant properties.
* A nutritious diet constitutes not only healthy food and beverages but also the time at which you consume it. Break your fast with fresh seasonal fruits (and preferably not in the form of juices as you miss out on the nutrients). Include leafy vegetables for lunch and dinner. Bajra is a local grain full of nutrients, so dishes like bajra risotto is ideal because it is delicious and gluten-free.
* At the same time, maintaining a sleep routine ensures that your body's free radicals are in control.
* At parties and weddings, avoid fried and sugary foods. Opt for less oily and stir-fried items. Avoid alcohol as much as you can. If not, consume it in restricted quantities and skip sugar-based options.

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Suren Joshi
Suren Joshi

Work it off
Fitness and food enthusiast Suren Joshi helms a boutique fitness centre chain, I Think Fitness. "Most of us will experience at least one hangover between now and Christmas and are likely to feel tired. It's okay to enjoy at this time of the year, but also to manage your time and set aside half an hour each day, for a quick workout. This will help stimulate the release of endorphins, reducing stress and will keep you motivated," he shares. Similarly, energy coach and founder of Kinetic Living, Urmi Kothari feels, "It is important to be active during this time of the year because too much of the good stuff may cause lethargy, which can in turn lead to cravings." Joshi and Kothari feel a simple routine can go a long way in ensuring your health remains in shape:

Urmi Kothari
Urmi Kothari

* Include 20 minutes of circuit training into your routine at least thrice a week. It works muscle groups and challenges your heart and lungs. Alternately, you can follow the tabata style that includes 20 minutes of workout and 10-second rest. Repeat this eight times.
* If you can't head to the gym, do simple exercises at home like, jumping jack, high knees, planks, mountain climber, step-ups on the staircase, sumo squats and crunches. Invest in a thera band to build resistance.
* Maintain a diary where you note down the days you have cheated. It helps change perspective by highlighting the calorie intake and slumps. Get a work out buddy, hold each other accountable and stay motivated.

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Natasha Noel
Natasha Noel

Breathe easy
Instead of sugar, use honey or jaggery and switch to sweet potato instead of chips," says social media influencer and yogini Natasha Noel who thinks being healthy is simple. "Yoga helps strengthen the muscles and it pushes the mind thereby increasing your threshold," she adds.

Natasha Noel

* There are different forms of yoga: Ashtanga or brikhayam yoga is fastpaced and helps tone your body; hatha and yin are slower and intense, and help with posture; and Iyengar yoga uses props making it easier to hold posture and ideal for beginners.
* Some asanas that can help are: twisted chair pose, high lunge twist, warrior or virabhadrasana, deep side lunge, lord of the fishes pose, extended side angle pose, revolved side angle pose and supta virasana. Hold these for about five to 10 breaths and then, work on the other side.

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