Was 10-yr-old girl pushed off moving train?

Aug 08, 2012, 07:37 IST | Priyanka Dhomse

Mother of injured girl claims she fell due to unknown reasons, denies speculation of her jumping from train to save time

Mystery continues to shroud the incident of a 10-year-old Khushali Solanki who suffered severe injuries after she fell from a train as it was passing by platform four of Virar station on Monday. Solanki had been travelling with her mother on the Karnavati Express on the way home from a family trip.

Jumping to conclusions: Khushali Solanki (10) suffered major head injuries after falling off a moving train in Virar

Police are investigating whether Khushali, a Virar resident, could have jumped as the train passed Virar in order to save herself the commute back from Borivli station, which was the train’s next scheduled stop.

The girl’s mother, Bhagwati Solanki was unable to alight, as the train had picked up speed, and was only able to get off the train upon reaching Borivli station. However, Bhagwati claims that her daughter’s falling from the train was unintended.

Bhagwati said, “Just before we reached Virar station around 11:30 am, Khushali told me that she was going to the toilet. When we passed by Virar station, a passenger came shouting that my daughter had fallen down from the moving train. I was so shocked that it did not occur to me to pull the chain. After getting down at Borivli, I immediately contacted the railway police.”

The railway police then called up the officials at Virar and were informed that Khushali had first been taken to a private hospital, but had later been shifted to KEM hospital due to the severity of her injuries.

The doctors operating on the girl at KEM hospital said that though she is out of danger, she has suffered a serious head injury and there was also a small clot in her head.

Bhagwati added, “I don’t know how she fell down from the train, as she had only gone to the toilet. When I asked her what had happened, she said that she could not remember. I am thankful that she is out of danger.”

A CT scan and X-ray was taken, and the reports of the same revealed that she had suffered a minor skull fracture. She is currently admitted at the pediatrics ward of KEM hospital.

Khushali’s mother hails from a village called Veravar in Diu and resides at Virar with her two daughters and a son. The family had gone to Diu on July 29 and was returning to Mumbai by the Karnavati Express from Ahmedabad on Monday when the incident happened. 

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