Waste matters

Apr 05, 2013, 01:03 IST | Kanika Sharma

This Saturday, enroll in a gardening workshop or witness a mini green mela at the Gardening Gyaan Day organised by Reducing Reusing Recycling that shows you to go green when you recycle your food waste

So what’s new about the air, space or water around us? They are all grey and filthily polluted. Perhaps, even poisonous. This Saturday, bring forth your green side by enrolling in an exciting workshop that will tell you how to save the planet by sitting in your own home.

Monisha and her neighbours preparing soil and compost mix for growing veggies on her Terrace in Mahim

Reducing Reusing Recycling (RUR), an initiative that started in 2008 and has reached out to more than six lakh people, will host a workshop that will teach you how to convert your food waste into compost and further use it to cultivate your kitchen garden.

Monisha Narke, Founder of RUR talks about the thought behind the workshop, “Our vision is to create eco-conscious citizens who make their waste worthwhile for the planet by adopting green practices.”

“The workshop will include basics of gardening — the kinds of soil and manure to use. The good part is that these gardens can be grown anywhere, let’s say balcony or terrace or even window,” she explains. The event will have several activities ranging from landscape gardening to healthy cooking that will make the participant understand how to reduce waste during the act of cooking itself.

She emphasises, “Anyone can walk in as we will be having a small green mela as well. Participation isn’t compulsory. At the premises you can pick up saplings, soil and cloth bags.” An exciting feature would be plants that are growing from discarded shoes, old tin boxes and even mango crates on display to encourage people to go green with everyday things”.

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