Watch! Radhika Apte speaks on why it is not important to 'fit in'

Apr 21, 2016, 14:32 IST | A Correspondent

Radhika Apte speaks on why is it not important to 'fit in' in the latest video of Culture Machine's UnBlushed series

Radhika Apte speaks on why is it not important to ‘fit in’ in the latest video of Culture Machine’s UnBlushed series.

Radhika ApteRadhika Apte

This latest video on ‘Unblushed’ featuring Radhika Apte questions what is ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ for an Indian woman, and more importantly who defines all of it. The video sends a strong message through women and young girls who aren’t ashamed of their love-handles, or imperfect teeth.

Talking about the video, Radhika says, “Every person has something distinctive and beautiful about her/him. It’s important to find that beauty within oneself and be proud of it. Society has created ‘definitions’ of beauty which we get influenced by and start looking at ourselves through that filter. When Culture Machine’s Blush team approached me with the concept, I instantly remembered attempts to mild myself into this glamorous beautiful image imposed on me as a teenager. Through this video, we want to say that we find all women beautiful in their own inimitable way. I think we should all appreciate ourselves more.”

Radhika Apte

In the video, a 30-year old Radhika is seen giving a wishful advice to her younger self. On stumbling upon a vintage photograph of her 15-year-old self, Radhika deep dives into her adolescence, with words running through her head that she wishes to tell young Radhika. Her pearls of wisdom become a ‘manifesto of the self’, as the visuals take us through other young ‘Radhikas’, who too aren’t living in denial of their true selves.

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