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Feb 09, 2015, 07:59 IST | Dhara Vora

For those who love Pop in everything they use, Disney and Marvel merchandise by Portronics is just what the geek ordered for

Just when we thought we had enough of superhero merchandise after we bought an Iron Man mask, these groovy-looking gadgets by Marvel and Disney had to surface. Cutesy pen drives with Mickey and Minnie Mouse on them to ones shaped like Thor's hammer and Hulk's hand, there's a lot on offer for the superhero fan. So, after much debate we took a few of these devices (made by Indian company, Portronics), for a spin, and here is what we liked.

Marvel Avengers Power Slice
The most striking feature about the power slice is its size and weight, 75 gm. It can fit in one's pocket with the phone attached. The power bank is also very funky-looking. The 4,000 mAH battery completely charged our Samsung Galaxy note 2 and still had more than 25% of power left. Though the powerbank takes really long to charge fully. It has four LED lights to indicate the battery levels which light up at the touch of the power button. The drawback, however, is the cost, at Rs 1,699; this power bank is light in weight but not light on the pocket compared to other powerbanks in the market with higher battery output.
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Ranking: 7 / 10

Weight: 75 gm
Battery: 4,000mAH
Compatible with: Phones, tablets, digital cameras, portable music players, headphones, Bluetooth devices
Price: Rs 1,699

Marvel's Sublime Bluetooth Speaker
For our review we called for Marvel's Sublime Bluetooth Speaker with FM. The speaker gets full marks for its looks, with the graphic printed grill and overall silicon rubber covering giving it a good grip. It scores not just in the looks department, but also in terms of functionality. The device supports Bluetooth and aux-in, like most other wireless speakers and can also play MP3 audio from an in-built SD card (max up to 32GB) slot as well as FM Radio with auto search for stations.

The sound output, though not very loud, has a great bass output and the rechargeable battery is said to last about eight hours. With simple LED display on the front and buttons to change volume and songs on the top, and NFC connection, the Sublime Bluetooth Speaker has hardly anything to not like about it apart from being a tad heavy and its rechargeable battery, which might not be available at all local stores.

Rating: 9/10

Weight: 651 gm
Battery: 8 hours (approx)
Connectivity: FM, NFC, Bluetooth, Aux-in, SD card
Price: Rs 3,500


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Portronics also offers a mini stereo system (Rs 999) that can be plugged into your phone and would fit in a coin purse.

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