Weight watch for your D-day

Sep 04, 2013, 08:00 IST | Dhara Vora

Who wouldn't want to look and feel like a million bucks on their wedding day? Now, with help from qualified fitness and nutrition experts, there's reason enough to live your dream

Fitting into your wedding dress can pose a problem -- whether it is dropping two dress sizes for that white corset gown or baring your torso or back in that sexy but punishing choli. For all those who have been fretting about how to get that perfect look on their D Day, help is at hand in the city!

K Weigh, by nutrition expert Khushboo Thadani offers the Wedding Shedding Plan that will help you get healthy and feel good before you tie the knot, without starving yourself.

 “This programme can be followed for two to four weeks and concentrates on the nutritional aspect. It helps you get healthy with the help of eating real, unprocessed and locally available food,” says Thadani. Plans are customised according to individuals’ nutritional requirements and lifestyle.

Zareen Watson

The Wedding Shedding Plan is available to individuals about to get married and those who need to attend weddings. “The aim of this plan is to look and feel good by boosting one’s metabolism and therefore beat the bloat, as well as improve energy levels and complexion. It’s not just a weight loss programme. Along with aesthetics, we want clients to feel equally great,” reasons Thadani.

Khushboo Thadani

While the Wedding Shedding Plan is more about the nutritional aspect of a wedding diet plan, fitness expert Zareen Watson too has people come in for a nutrition and exercise combo to look ten on ten. “There are no extreme starvation and fad diets involved as they will result in you looking tired and fatigued and it reflects on your skin, hair and nails,” says Watson.

She first offers a nutritional consultation and based on what the prospective brides and grooms are looking for (weight loss, weight gain or toning up), a plan is put into place. “We also include personal trainers to help you get your exercise right. Though we don’t do target spot weight reduction, with expert advice one can work harder on a few areas and see the results,” says Watson.

For good results, Watson advises to start any programme at least three months in advance, as the last few weeks before the wedding are stressful. “So even if you let go a bit during those weeks, the effort you put in the months before will show,” says Watson.

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