What a stink! When a farting driver made Ola rush for 'wrong medicine'

Jun 30, 2016, 12:10 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Ola cabs offers apology and quick remedy after customer complains of stink in car due to farting driver. But their solution of providing driver with regular supply of imodium turns out to be wrong treatment

What do you do if there's a stink in your cab? Air the vehicle by rolling down the windows. Well, one industrious person did a little more than that.

He aired his grievance on Twitter.

Rahul Roushan, the founder of Faking News, took to Twitter recently to post about his experience of travelling by Ola cabs. He hinted at the possibility of the cab driver having a flatulence problem while making a snide reference to the Swachch Bharat campaign and how it had really not worked.

This is a no farting zone. Representational Pic
This is a no farting zone. Representational Pic

It's not sure if he was being serious and complaining about the cab driver or just using him to shoot at the failed national cleanliness campaign. He subsequent tweet suggest that it was a joke.

But the Ola executives in their zealousness decided to rectify the 'mistake and address the customer's complaint. Ola responded to his 'complaint' by saying that they found the situation unacceptable and that they would provide the cabbie with a regular supply of imodium.

But one smart Twitter user was quick to spot the mistake Ola Cabs had made in their 'treatment'. He informed the cab aggregator that imodium was used to stop diarrhea and not flatulence. He then suggested that they try charcoal tabs instead.

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