What's better than an appy iPad?

May 06, 2012, 09:09 IST | Nimish Dubey

Come on, admit it � nothing. If you've bought the new iPad, download these super applications that make the most of its improved hardware

The new iPad (or the iPad 3, as some insist on calling it, notwithstanding Apple’s protests to the contrary) went on sale over the weekend.

At first glance, it might not seem too different from its bestselling predecessors, but some features set it apart — its dazzling 2048 x 1536 retina display (more pixels than on a HDTV, we kid you not), increased processing muscle and what we think is perhaps the best camera we have ever seen on a tablet — yes, it is still a tad big to use to take impulsive snaps, but then, no one is perfect.

Of course, none of these is any good unless you have apps that make the most of them. So if you’ve grabbed the latest edition of Apple’s legendary tab and want to flaunt it, we really think you should do it with these apps on board to really make the room go “ooooh!”

Infinity Blade II
Knight in shining armour? Check. Stunning locales? Check. Mystery mission? Check. Lots of big villains? Check. In terms of graphics and presentation, there are few games as amazing as Infinity Blade II. And on the new iPad, all the hack and slash action makes some console titles look crappy. Those who dislike violence will blanch, but remain transfixed. A spectacle, this.
Price: USD 6.99 (approx Rs  375)


It was one of the apps used to showcase the iPad’s prowess when it was launched, and on the new display, Flipboard’s ability to convert your social network feeds and news into a beautifully designed, flippable digital magazine remains as amazing as ever. You are unlikely to use a boring RSS reader after using this magical app. You might even stop using the official Facebook/ Twitter apps. Yes, it’s that good.
Price: Free


Want to make the most of the camera on the new iPad? How about taking a snap, editing it in detail and then sharing it on your social network in minutes? Well, the iPhoto app lets you do all that. The next time someone says you need Photoshop for really editing images, show them iPhoto on the new iPad. And remember to sneer.
Price: USD 4.99 (approx Rs 267)

Max Payne

A cop whose family is killed by drug addicts goes on the warpath looking for revenge. He is a deadshot with a pistol, has repartee that seems right out of a Raymond Chandler novel and oh, he can also dodge bullets in slow motion like Neo in The Matrix. The PC classic title has come to the iPad and looks nothing short of spectacular.
Price: USD 2.99 (approximately Rs 160)

The Early Edition 2

If you are the type that likes to start the day by tucking into the newspaper, just grab this app. It converts all the RSS feeds you subscribe to into a digital newspaper and presents it updated to you, whenever you wish to see it, complete with photographs and beautifully laid out pages. Amazing even on the iPad 2, stunning on the new iPad.
Price: USD 4.99 (approximately Rs 267)

Amazon Kindle

That amazing, high-resolution display is awesome not just for watching pictures and videos, but also for good, old-fashioned reading. Text is marvellously crisp on the retina display and few apps are as good for reading as Amazon’s Kindle app for the iPad is — you can read books, buy new ones and read excerpts. It might just make you forget paper for a while.
Price: Free


All the comics that you love — from Batman to Spider-man to the Justice League — in stunning colour and detail. Yes, that is what Comics brings to the new iPad. A must for all those who still love reading comics, or graphic novels as they tend to call them these days. And you can pinch to zoom into specific frames as well — we kept checking out Batman’s utility belt!
Price: Free


The new iPad’s camera is capable of shooting video in full HD. And Apple’s own iMovie software lets you tweak and edit videos with
eye-popping ease. You can move frames back and forth, play around with music, add special effects, view videos frame-by-frame and do a whole lot more. And amazingly, it not only looks great, but works with butter-like smoothness. Make a movie within minutes with this app.
Price: USD 4.99 (approx Rs 267)


There is still a branch of tech punditry that insists that the iPad is great for “consuming content” but not as good for “creating it.” Just grab this full-fledged word processor and show them that anything you can do on a notebook, you can do just as well on the iPad — be it writing text, adding images or throwing in fancy formatting. And oh yes, it will look a whole lot better with the retina display!
Price: USD 9.99 (approx Rs 534)


“Duh!” us not about this one — it might seem obvious, but if you really want to make someone’s eyes pop, grab the updated Facebook app on your new iPad and show it in comparison to that on any other display. The updates, the wall, the pictures, the comments...all work as well as ever and look utterly dazzling to boot.
Price: Free

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