What to expect in 2012

Jan 01, 2012, 07:52 IST | Team SMD

Will you get married this year? Will you get your dream job? Our tarot expert Shirley Bose reads the cards for you

Will you get married this year? Will you get your dream job? Our tarot expert Shirley Bose reads the cards for you

March 21 - April 20
Having learnt lessons in patience and optimism, you are now ready to receive and enjoy karmic brownie points. A rough past year is just a bad memory. 

Actor Ajay Devgn was born on April 2

Health:  Keep blood pressure under control by cutting out saturated fats, alcohol, nicotine and sweets. Be careful with your diet in March, April, June, August and November, since socialising is high on the priority list. 
Likeable trait:  The ability to be enthusiastic even if the situation seems dull.
Social life: Your social life and career complement each other.
Family:  There has been a definite improvement over the last year.
Romance: Single Ariens meet several new people, but there has to be an immediate spark of mutual interest, which will happen in January, March, April or July. Good months for emotional bonding are January, March, April, May, June, September and November. Single Ariens also enter the karmic cycle for marriage from May onwards. Married Ariens must re-ignite the spark. Married life moves into a smoother karmic cycle from September. Some Ariens in a committed relationship could decide to test out the waters and have a live-in relationship.
Finance: Finances will improve from January, June  or November. From April, there could be two sources of income. Increased and unavoidable expenses in 
June will set you back a bit. 
Career: Charged with the ambition to realise certain goals, you enjoy dealing with new challenges. People are jealous because you are good at your job. A new colleague who joins in February, April or July quickly becomes your right-hand person and will be dependable. 
Karma to work through in 2012: To be recognised as a unique individual. To be a dependable spouse and partner.
Karmic affirmation:  "I will be well prepared with an alternate plan to deal with issues in life."

May 21 - June 21
Relationships are in a positive karmic cycle in 2012. Enjoying a hobby together helps you and your partner bond and just being together without any major conversation is a healing spell in itself. Life speeds into the fast lane. Unthinkable opportunities present themselves.

Courtney Cox was born on June 15

Health: Many Geminis may turn vegetarian. Remember to carry your medicines, particularly if travelling overseas. Cough and colds may resurface in January, February, June, October and December, as may allergies.
Likeable trait: Your charm and genuine interest in people you meet. Being willing to listen to an unconsidered point of view.
Social life: You are a people's person, but there is less entertaining at home, because of frequent business travel in January, February, May, June, September, November and December. 
Family:  You continue to be supportive and loving. Geminis are often misunderstood by family.
Romance: Love and romance flourish in January, March, April, June, August and December. For some, there is a reconciliation of great importance. Geminis in a long-term relationship may remain hesitant about setting a marriage date. 
Finance: Finances improve after March 2012. This is a good year to sell inherited property. A partnership with a friend may not be such a great idea. June and August are good for investments.
Career:  An exciting time begins with circumstances that allow dreams to manifest. A change of job either within the country or overseas is possible. If accepting overseas employment then be prepared to stay away for at least two to three years. 
Karma to work through in 2012:  To be less critical of people, who are not as sharp as you. 
Karmic affirmation:  "When unsure of what to do, I will take small steps first to test out the chosen path of action."

April 21 - May 20
Single Taureans meet that very special person in 2012 and though no wedding bells sound this year, it promises to be a stable and happy relationship. 

Singer Bono was born on May 10

Health:   You will be socialising a lot, so eating out could create digestive issues in February, April, July, August and October. Avoid gravy and sauces. Married Taureans may have a baby. 
Likeable trait:  Conscientiousness. Being dependable and being there for loved ones.
Social life:  Taureans are very happy being alone, but enjoy company too when the occasion demands it. 
Family relationships: The fulcrum around which the entire family revolves, Taureans are the strength and stability needed in every family. Relationships thrive in 2012.
Romance: February, March, May, June, August, October and November are good for love. Taureans prefer old- fashioned romance with lots of conversation, long walks and sharing food specially cooked by them for their sweetheart. 
Finance:  In 2012, the focus is on fame, fortune and recognition. The Tarot reveals a very comfortable financial time. There will be a raise in salary after July. Heavy expenses in April and May can't be avoided, but you make money go a long way. Leisure travel is big --  favourable months are February, May, September and December. Some Taureans will inherit money or property.
Career:  Patience and hard work are translated into feeling complete and you will be focused on work and goals. 2012 is favourable for business travel too, as you are able to explore new cities and cultures. A legal case will turn out to be a play of light and shade.
Karma to work through in 2012:  To focus on a goal or desire and persevere to the end
Karmic affirmation:  "I will continue to be ethical in my dealings, to work through past and present karmas uncomplainingly."

June 22 - July 23
Leaving behind a trail of completed karmas, you either decide to willingly let go of issues that lead to an emotional dead-end ,or keep certain decisions on  hold for the moment. 

Actor Pamela Anderson was born on July 1

Health: Drinking enough water every day will help to control blood pressure. Pepping up energy levels with regular exercise also helps maintain bone health. 
Likeable trait:  Being protective towards people you love. Idealism.
Social life: Social life is always hectic since your vibes attract people. 
Family: A sibling or cousin may relocate to another part of the globe. 2012 is the year you heal the relationship with your father. 
Romance:  January, February, May, June, August, November and December. Unattached Cancereans have not one, but three admirers vying for their attention. 
Finance: Better money management translates into less stress and more savings. Exercise or go for a long walk when the urge to splurge manifests. Buying or selling property is highlighted after June 2012. Employed Cancereans enter an auspicious karmic cycle from September 2012. Self-employed Cancereans need to be patient and wait for planetary positions to be in their favour from March.
Career:  A comfortable pace is maintained from February and this continues through the year. Some change around July 2012 may involve being shifted to another department or city for a while. A project handled by you on a regular basis is given to someone else because of underhand politics -- live through it, though you may not like it. A new business idea seems workable, but sign a contract if planning a partnership.
Karma to work through in 2012: To get to the core of why you feel the way you do.
Karmic affirmation: "I will avoid further turmoil by meditating and listening to sound advice from well-wishers."

July 24 - August 23
2012 promises to be full of fun, hard work and unending opportunities to move ahead in your career in the way you always dreamt about. Planetary positions are favourable and though the focus was always very clearly on career, this year results will also show quickly. 

US President Barack Obama was born on August 4

Health: The Tarot highlights the liver, so cut down on fried and deep fried foods, chillies, over-spicy food and alcohol. Some food or fragrance-based allergy may resurface after May. 
Likeable trait:  Loving and caring, particularly towards friends. Optimism and a tendency to think positive.
Social life:  Though you love partying, friends have to coerce you into attending parties this year.
Family:  Family members are in different parts of India or the world, but bonds are as strong as ever. 
Romance: January, February, March, June, August, September, November and December. Impulsive plans and buying small gifts keep romance alive throughout the year. Married Leos have an unexpected run-in with a past love and the cordial vibes feel good. Two proposals will be received if you have an open mind about an arranged marriage. 
Finance: Increased income and a raise in salary is a good beginning to 2012, but the actual raise will take place only after June. All Leos can make several long-term investments over the year.
Career: After June there are two job choices and making up your mind is not easy. For self-employed Leos, there is a short period of inactivity and indecision as different options are weighed out in your inimitable style. 
Karma to work through in 2012:  To continue to fight for the underdog. 
Karmic affirmation: "I will take delays in my stride and believe there is a higher power who knows best." 

Aug 24 - Sept 21
Virgos consciously move onto a spiritual path of self-realisation, cutting out and editing all unwanted extras that pull down energy. Closer ties with family help deal with an emotional life that has been on a roller coaster for a while. A temporary break-up and then a tearful reunion is what all great love stories are about (but it feels great to know you were missed). 

Actor Rishi Kapoor was born on September 4

Health:  The need to adapt healthier habits help overall energy levels and make daily life easier to deal with. Maintaining an early to bed and early to rise habit is the tip of the iceberg, and cutting down on smoking and alcohol will help further. 
Likeable trait:  The ability to be non-judgmental and dependable. Honesty. 
Social life: Having had a very busy social life in the past; you've realised it is a waste of time to meet people you don't even like or want to meet again. 
Family relationships: A truce has been in effect for some time and this attitude of not reacting immediately actually helps and heals the relationship with your  family. A sibling may come visiting at the end of the year.
Romance:  Many weekends spent together out of town helps keep the relationship simmering with togetherness that calms and excites too. Single Virgos find true love without consciously looking for it. 
Finance: Financial comfort begins from January and continues through the year. Some Virgos receive an inheritance and though it may not be a very large amount, receive it with grateful thanks to the Universe. Investing in a small property is a good idea. 
Career:  Some Virgos can opt for a change of job (after March) if the working atmosphere in the present set-up is not conducive. A plateau phase for self-employed Virgos should not cause concern. Be peaceful and have faith in the Universe to draw in new contracts after March 2012. 
Karma to work through in 2012: Accept changed situations without fear. What upsets you now may actually be the turning point in your life. Have faith. 
Karmic affirmation: "Love has no logic. I will give unconditional love and be open to receiving it too."

Sept 24 - October 22
2012 will bring such gradual changes that the realisation will dawn only after the changes have taken place. The most important feeling is one of peace, happiness and a feeling of belonging. Your spouse/ partner might be keen on further studies or want to work overseas for a while; so this may be a major joint decision you make. 

Actor Ranbir Kapoor was born on September 28

Health: If open to alternate healing therapies, then consider homeopathy or acupressure (or any other that you prefer). Getting enough sleep every night is equally important.
Likeable trait:  Friendly and approachable; you have a smile for most people.
Social life: As usual, your social diary is full and very exciting.
Family relationships: A slightly complicated relationship is best allowed to settle down in the only way possible.
Romance: January, March, April, May, June, August, October, December. Single Librans meet their soulmate who is so different from expectations. The attraction is immediate and once the spark is lit there is no turning back. In general, love life is passionate, with your spouse/ partner insisting on spending as much time together as possible. A triangle situation can unnecessarily complicate life, which is flowing along in such a beautiful manner.
Finance: 2012 is financially rewarding and it feels great to reach the goals you've been working towards. After February, Librans will be able to buy that special vehicle which has been the dream for so many years. Payments will be received on time (mostly -- not like last year).
Career: A settling down in career (April) which saw many highs and lows last year is a big relief. Being given more responsibility also increases business trips out of town and now, visiting different branch offices will be an add-on commitment to take care of on a regular basis. A rival company tries to tempt you with a really great offer, but loyalty wins. Self-employed Librans initiate and change some company policies and decisions made last year. This is for the better. 
Karma to work through in 2012: If a relationship has to be kept secret, then reconsider it. 
Karmic affirmation: "I will make logical and ethical decisions for my peace of mind."

October 23 - November 22
Family life is happy and harmonious, which makes you feel great. The year begins on a note of celebration and though not everyone shares your high, it is very important for you. 

Actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was born on November 1

Health: Unnecessary stress weakens the immune system, bringing on coughs, colds and unexplained fever in February, March, April, June, August and October. 
Likeable trait:  Compassion and the tendency to defend people you love.
Social life: There are less late nights this year and most get-togethers with friends seem to be for lunch or a high tea. Entertaining at home is possible.
Family relationships: A sibling or a cousin may get married overseas. 
Romance: January, February, March, April, July, November, December. There may be dark clouds in a perfect life in May and December. If single, your eyes lock across the room with that special person and this is your soul mate.
Finance: Studying investment options in August prepares you for the following year. Scorpios are exact and thorough about money and finances. A letter from the Income Tax department has to be dealt with immediately. 
Career:  Though you would rather be with family, from August onwards the Tarot reveals a lot of business travel. Changes and transfers force you to face the ebb and flow of life in a philosophical manner. You are able to cope better with career and target pressures. From May begins a period of promotions or a raise in salary. 
Karma to work through in 2012: To find the balance between a complex, interdependent world and a quiet mystical reality.
Karmic affirmation: "I will continue to work through karmas to the best of my ability and present a state of awareness."

November 23 - December 22
With the New Year it is as though your personality undergoes a karmic shift and this is very evident and visible to family and others who love you. Calmer and less reactive, you draw family into a circle of love and light which is impossible to ignore. 

Actor Rajinikanth was born on December 12

Health: Be especially careful of the water you drink because a waterborne disease is indicated in March or April 2012. Food which normally agrees with your system may create problems March, April, July, August, November and December. Avoid canned and sea food as far as possible, as developing allergies is very likely even if till now there has never been any problem. 
Likeable trait:  Honesty and being dependable.
Social life : There is a slowing down because you want to be home more often. 
Family relationships: Family relationships will be harmonious this year because of a change in your attitude.
Romance: February, May, July, October and December. Making a new friend who lives in another city or even overseas begins an interesting chapter in your life. Sagittarians who are in an extra-marital affair enter a karmic cycle of secrets being revealed from April onwards.
Finance: Payments will be received and made on time, beginning a karmic cycle of money flowing smoothly and naturally. Expenses mount from July because of a wedding or an engagement in the family. 
Career : You need to decide whether to take up a job change or further diversify your business in April, June, September or December. Otherwise, career moves smoothly in 2012, whether employed or self-employed. Buying office premises has been in the pipeline and from June the karmic cycle for acquiring property begins . 
Karma to work through in 2012: Expressing yourself with love and tact. It seems very practical (to you), to say things without thinking,  but it can be hurtful to the listener.
Karmic affirmation: "I will face challenges head on and persevere till I am satisfied. I will be loving and caring towards my family."

December 23 - January 20
2012 will allow you to change your life the way you want it. Known to have a  zest for learning; some Capricorns may go back to further studies or even self-study in a chosen subject. In a karmic cycle of travel, this takes you to countries you dreamt of visiting since childhood.

Actor Vidya Balan was born on January 1

Health: The Tarot advises a light, low-fat vegetarian diet for Capricorns and drinking enough water every day. Pain in the joints may be worrisome in March, April, July, October and December. Opting for an alternate healing therapy will help.
Likeable trait: A balanced mind and being dependable earns you brownie points.
Social life: Being in demand feels good and social life is very busy this year, particularly in January, April, June, July, September, October, November and December. There are plenty of opportunities to make new friends.
Family relationships: Relationships continue to be excellent as long as your tendency to point out flaws is kept in check. Try and heal the relationship with your father/ father figure (beginning from January itself). Too many relatives visiting this year can be a strain, but then you enjoy playing a perfect host.
Romance: January, April, May, June, September, October and December. A new relationship may pass through rough weather in February and March. Avoid becoming too possessive and controlling. Being attracted to someone else in May could further complicate the relationship.
Finance: A year of unavoidable expenses, partly due to too many house guests. A raise in salary promised last year may actually manifest after April 2012. Avoiding speculative investments is a wise decision, since the Tarot reveals losing hard earned money.
Career: Circumstances could force you to re-think options and change to a line you've always been drawn to in the past. A promotion being held back and given to a colleague is alarming, but be patient and bide your time instead of making an issue of it. A job offered in March may actually be a mistake you realise only six months down the line. 
Karma to work through in 2012:  dealing with loved ones with respect, acceptance and unconditional love. Aim to realise one secret goal.
Karmic affirmation:  "I will not be apologetic about my ambitions, but will follow through in an ethical manner."

February 20 - March 20
In 2012 you will determinedly walk away from situations that bring unhappiness or challenge an integral personality trait. 

Bruce Willis was born on March 19

Health: Keep energy and mental health good by exercising regularly, eating healthy food and meditating. Older Pisceans must take care of their bone health on a regular basis. Smaller meals eaten throughout the day helps keep acidity away. Leisure time is important.
Likeable trait: Loyalty. Being able to keep a secret.
Social life: A karmic cycle of making more time for friends and relatives is a good change from the past year when you were bogged down with too many responsibilities. 
Family relationships: You have so much to give in this atmosphere of unconditional love. The year is great.
Romance: Love will flourish in February, March, April, July, August, September and December. Die-hard romantics at heart, Pisceans will keep romance and love alive in an emotionally enriching relationship. A very happy year for married Pisceans. 
Finance:  2012 is a financially stable year. A project you have been pursuing for a while finally becomes a reality. This makes it easier to meet expenses and segregate some cash to be put aside for the future. Speaking to your boss about an increase in salary is quite alright because of the consistent good work over the years. Travel abroad is a dream come true.
Career: Career is headed up, up and up in 2012. The past two years in any case have been good for growth and promotions. Your reputation, status and standing in the chosen field brings kudos and recognition, which makes all this consistent hard work over the years completely worth it. Younger Pisceans taking up their first job are focused and very excited about this different karmic cycle taking place.
Karma to work through in 2012:  To unceasingly continue working through karmas. To do your duty to the best of your ability. To love -- just because.
Karmic affirmation: "I will make practical and not emotional decisions. I will love unconditionally."

January 21 - February 19
This is a positive karmic cycle for love and realising how much your partner means to you. 

Yoko Ono was born on February 18

Health: The Tarot highlights the respiratory system (lungs, nose throat and ears), so consult your doctor in case of frequent infections. Take extra care of health in February, March, July, August, October and December.
Likeable trait: You refuse to be swayed by other people's opinions and decide for yourself.
Social life: There is a better  balance between socialising and staying home with family. Now you have a very good reason to spend more time at home. Socialising will be unavoidable during January, May, July, September and December. 
Family relationships: Though an older female relative feels let down, you are firm about certain decisions. 
Romance:  February, April, August, September November and December. Giving unconditional love brings commitment. Married Aquarians rediscover each other and the relationship is truly delightful. Single Aquarians move through a karmic cycle where there isn't enough clarity. You might find yourself wondering if the signals being read are correct or whether it's just your imagination. 
Finance: The Tarot reveals increased income whether employed or self-employed. 
Career: There is nothing to complain about in 2012 and opportunities which slipped away in the past come around again. Some Aquarians take a reality check about the present organisation and decide to move to another company when the opportunity presents itself. Aquarians just stepping into their career karmic cycle maybe a little undecided about which offer to take up. Speak to a trusted friend about this. Self-employed Aquarians have more time to follow the spiritual path. 
Karma to work through in 2012: To take each day as a special day and make decisions without procrastinating. To recognise the potential of a given situation.  
Karmic affirmation: "I will not allow differences of opinion to stretch unnecessarily and resolve them satisfactorily. I will be patient with people who can't keep up with me mentally."

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