'What is the use of fixing potholes after the rains?'

Jul 02, 2013, 00:51 IST | Team MiD DAY

A day after MiD DAY reported Additional Municipal Commissioner Aseem Gupta's excuse on the bad condition of city roads, Mumbaikars hit out at BMC over their lax road repair approach

“The additional municipal commissioner’s excuse is very lame and borders on idiocy. The BMC should have been prepared a month in advance, instead of blaming the monsoon for its early arrival.

The civic body has enough funds and manpower to get the road repair work done on time. Moreover, if it’s a known fact that the monsoon arrives in June, why does the BMC want it to come in July? ” said Byculla resident Nazim Ansari, in response to Aseem Gupta’s vague reply on the deplorable condition of the city roads with just three weeks of rains.

MiD DAY, on Monday, in its article (‘Rs 1,275 crore have given Mumbai this’) had surveyed several roads in the city, and the findings were shocking as most roads are pothole-riddled.

Motorists and pedestrians are put through the inconvenience despite the civic body making a budgetary allocation of Rs 1,275 crore for reconstruction and repair. 

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Bumpy rides: MiD DAY, on Monday, in its article (Rs 1,275 crore have given Mumbai this) had surveyed several roads in the city, and the findings were shocking with most roads pothole-riddled

Several residents took to social media to vent their ire on the condition of roads and incompetent civic officials after this newspaper highlighted the issue.

Reactions on MiD DAY’s website
>> All thugs, BMC will not fill the potholes but they will fill their pockets.
>> This city will remain the same -- filthy, slum-ridden and a potholed metropolis till the sun rises from the west! Either, the Mumbai citizens need to throw the administrators out or quietly ride over these. The choice is theirs...
>> Every year, money is released and God only knows where it lands. Of course not in these potholes, cause they are still the same, but not the same with their pockets.

Reactions on Twitter
@abaliwala @mid_day #Mumbai like it’s news? We all know it.
They should outsource road development work to Singapore agencies! And they would do it at half the cost.
White elephants we may still live to see; good roads in Mumbai. Never!

Priya Iyer, Ghatkopar

The civic official is wrong. Every year monsoons arrive during this period. They should have been prepared and started the work well in advance. It has become very difficult for four and two-wheelers to ply in this season. What is the use of fixing potholes after the rainy season?

Amruta Londhe, Kandivli
The BMC has made it difficult for us to travel on such uneven roads. There was ample time prior to monsoons. Had the work started earlier, it would have been completed on time. It is the responsibility of the BMC to ensure that the work is conducted on time, so that commuters are not inconvenienced.

Apphia D’souza, Mumbai Central
The BMC is saying that it will complete the work after monsoons; what about the problems residents have to undergo during the monsoons? How do they utilise the funds? It’s a valid question. 

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