What's on your secret wish list?

Feb 15, 2013, 08:56 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

The Guide chatted with author Preeti Shenoy, author of the recently released book, The Secret Wish List

Bestselling author and artist Preeti Shenoy believes that life is the biggest teacher. She is an avid blogger, poet, nature lover and yoga buff. The GUIDE quizzed her on her journey so far:

About The Secret Wish List
The book happened when I lost a few people who were very close to my heart. I lost my cousin who was very young. I have seen unhappy marriages around as well. Couples decide to stay in a broken marriage due to social constraints. Through this book, though it is a fictional story, I want to tell the readers to live their life to the fullest. It’s your life and one should enjoy it his/her own way.

Writing and me
I have always been writing. I used to write in college for the campus magazine; I have also won many prizes for it. When I started my blog, it became very popular and since then I have been writing for newspapers and magazines. One of my stories was also featured in Chicken Soup series.

A normal mum
When I am not writing, I hone my artistic skills through paper art. I am also a practitioner of yoga. As a mother, the only thing on my secret wish list is my children and their happiness. Though I am not inspired by any author, I love to read and I can read all kinds of books including children’s fiction. One of the most flattering feedback I have received for my writing is from Prahlad Kakkar who told me that he could not put my book down. Such admirations always inspire me to do better.

Future plans
My next book is a work of fiction and will be on relationships. After that I plan to write a non-fiction book as well. My books veer around love stories as I am a romantic at heart. But there are some inspirational messages in the stories as well. My compilation, 34 Bubblegums and Candies, which was inspired by incidents from my life, received good reviews, so there might be a sequel to that as well.

The Secret Wish List, Preeti Shenoy, Rs 175, Westland. Available at leading book stores.  

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