Wheelchair-bound man sets off bomb at Beijing airport

Jul 21, 2013, 02:41 IST | Agencies

While Ji Zhongxing, 34, is being treated in a city hospital, surprisingly, no one else was injured at Terminal 3 of Beijing International Airport

A man in a wheelchair set off a homemade bomb at Terminal 3 Beijing International Airport at 6.24 pm yesterday, injuring himself but no one else.

Order was quickly restored and the incident affected no state-run flights.

The man, identified as Ji Zhongxing, is being treated in he hospital, officials said, adding that he was born in 1979 and hailed from Shandong.

“The explosion was loud,” said Chen, a witness. “I was only 25 meters away from the explosion when it occurred,” he said.

It was not clear why the man allegedly set off the bomb and the police are investigating the incident.

Photos posted by a news TV showed the area near the arrivals exit empty and filled with smoke. One photo showed medical staff and police officers gathering at one spot, with a wheelchair sitting on its side a few steps away.  

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