When bankers get into writer mode

Aug 07, 2012, 08:57 IST | The Guide Team

Quite a few Indian writers have contributed to Mills & Boon series till date, but Shoma Narayanan, a banker by profession, is the first Indian author to release an M&B book globally, with Monsoon Wedding Fever

With a story that has Indian characters and set in an Indian setting, Monsoon Wedding Fever will be the first Mills & Boon (M&B) to reach out to romantics outside the country. Shoma Narayanan’s book, which was released globally 10 days back, hopes to appeal to all the M&B fans.

Monsoon Wedding Fever, Shoma Narayanan, Mills&Boon, Rs 125. Available at leading bookstores

Narayanan is a banking professional, working as the senior vice-president at HSBC. But coming from a serious profession did not stop her from doing what she loved. Narayanan has loved reading M&Bs since the age of 11 and she discovered her love for writing a few years ago. When she saw an ad in the newspaper that said that M&B was looking out for Indian writers, she thought she should give it a shot.

She wrote a story about two lovers separated in college and she was one of the three winners of the contest. She soon began working on the full-length book and released Monsoon Wedding Fever. The book is about two lovers who have separated and meet after many years. The girl, Riya, comes home one day to find her ex-lover in her apartment.

The ex-lover is here to attend her flatmate’s wedding and Riya realises she has to spend a lot of time with him. Sparks are flying again and Riya starts to wonder is the wedding fever is contagious. 

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