When Serena Williams laughed off her wardrobe malfunction

Jun 18, 2016, 08:20 IST | A correspondent

World No 1 tennis ace Serena Williams shows off her sporty side off the court as she laughs off her wardrobe malfunction in a documentary

American tennis ace Serena Williams seems to be a sport off field too. In an exclusive clip from her upcoming EPIX documentary, Serena, the 34-year-old laughed off a wardrobe malfunction that would leave others red in the face according to People Magazine.

Serena Williams. Pic/Getty Images
Serena Williams. Pic/Getty Images

“My whole life I’ve hated working out, so if I don’t want to practice tennis everyday for four hours, I’ll maybe only practice for two hours and I do something else for a couple hours,” Williams explains in a voiceover as she swings around from a suspended hoop in a gravity-defying workout.

“During the trapeze-inspired routine, Williams' leggings rip on her butt cheek. The tennis superstar takes the tear in stride however, breaking into a giggle fit,” reported the magazine.

“The show must go on!” she added. The documentary will follow the 21-time Grand Slam singles champion’s life on and off the court and premieres on EPIX on Wednesday.

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