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Published: Nov 30, 2011, 09:59 IST | The Guide |

Two years ago, on this day, tennis ace Serena Williams created an ugly scene on court during the US Open. Here's a look at five others sports stars with a bad attitude

Two years ago, on this day, tennis ace Serena Williams created an ugly scene on court during the US Open. Here's a look at five other sports stars with a bad attitude

Great game-players. Bad attitude. Always entertaining. Here's a round-up of the most famous faces in the world of sport, who we occasionally love to hate. These talented players not only revolutionised the game, but also made our evenings and weekends spent in front of the idiot box far more entertaining!

Serena Williams
Known for: Playing great tennis, love for bright colours, threatening umpires on court
Not one to back down, especially if an umpire tells her to, Williams is known as much for her hard-hitting volleys as much for her tough talk on court.

She once threatened an umpire, saying, "If you ever see me walking down the hall... walk the other way." Well, we don't know about you lady, but we sure would... run the other way.

John McEnroe
Known for: Long-standing rivalry with Bjorn Borg, confrontational behaviour and the phrase, 'You cannot be serious'
The former World Number 1 professional tennis player from the US has won seven Grand Slam singles titles in an impressive career, but is just as well known for his famous temper.

McEnroe made history with his superb volleys, but his confrontational behaviour with tennis authorities often won him bad press. One of his most notable exchanges between an umpire was when he said, 'You cannot be serious.' Turns out, the umpire was.

Maria Sharapova
Known for: Being pretty, ambidextrous, refusal to smile or eat 'expensively' catered food at a photo shoot for a fashion and style magazine
One of the tennis world's prettiest faces, rumour has it that Sharapova can get pretty cranky behind the scenes.

She reportedly refused to "crack a smile" or eat the "expensively" catered food at a shoot for a fashion and a lifestyle magazine. Bad day? Perhaps. Professional? Certainly. According to reports, Ms Sharapova quickly put on her most bewitching smile the minute she learned the paparazzi had arrived.

Shoaib Akhtar
Known for: Being the fastest bowler in the history of cricket, his motor mouth and frequent courting of controversy 
The former Pakistani right arm fast bowler knew how to bring drama to the field, especially during matches against the sub-continent.

The Rawalpindi Express was known to put fear in the heart of even the most accomplished batsmen and was known to wreak havoc both on the field and off it.

Michael Phelps
Known for: Being the best swimmer in the world, drunk driving, famously smoking weed at a party
The man who consumes 12,000 calories a day is the sweetheart of the press. But few know that Phelps served an 18-month probation term as a 19-year-old for a DUI (driving under the influence) offence.

Considered a role model for youngsters, Phelps' has had to apologise for his "irresponsible behaviour" that included smoking a joint at a party.

Diego Maradona
Known for: Great football, testing positive for ephedrine during the 1994 World Cup, crediting God with his success on the football field
Maradona remains one of the game's most colourful characters, despite his having retired over fourteen years ago -- at the age of 37 -- from professional football.

The infamous Hand of God goal, a stomach-stapling surgery and years of cocaine abuse, hopefully, later, the god of soccer routinely gives his people glimpses of his feet of clay.

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