When your baby outgrows the pram

Sep 02, 2012, 11:53 IST | Nivedita Dargalkar

Precared, a site for secondhand baby products, checks and sanitises items before reselling them to parents for a fraction of the cost

Two years ago, 38 year-old Tabrez Khan, like all enthusiastic parents, purchased an army of products like prams, trollers, walkers, rockers, etc, for his newborn son. It was only when the toddler had outgrown them within a few months of purchase that the idea for a exchange platform for parents to sell used baby products to other parents occurred to him. Precared (.com) was thus born in February this year.

Tabrez Khan, founder, Precared, reassembles a baby pram at his workshop at Mira Road. Pic/Nimesh Dave

“The products put up on the website are from well-known international and Indian brands that were bought by parents whose babies have outgrown the products,” says Khan.

How it works
Parents willing to sell their used baby products need to fill a form on the website listing the product’s specifications or call the Precared workshop.

Precared then sends evaluators to the prospective seller’s house who review the product for it’s reusability and quote a purchase price.

“We ensure that we offer a price of atleast 15 to 30 per cent of the original purchase price to the parents, depending on the condition of the product,” says Khan. The purchased product is then photographed and put up on the website for prospective buyers. After it is bought, it is dispatched by the company to the buyer’s house.

“Buyers can purchase products at 40 to 55 per cent of the original price of the product, thereby giving them value for money. The shipment charges are inclusive of the amount paid,” says Khan.

Almost as good as new
For parents with apprehensions about secondhand products, Khan has a solution. “Parents often buy secondhand products for themselves but hesitate to purchase the same for their children, as they are concerned about hygiene and cleanliness,” he says. After the used baby products are bought from sellers, they are taken to Precared’s Mira Road workshop where they are dismantled and sanitised, reassembled and put up for sale on website.

“We sanitise all products using detergents and disinfectants as per international standards,” says Khan.

Rating system
The website also has a star rating system to alert buyers about the exact condition of the product. “The photographs put up online are of the original product in their current condition to ensure maximum transparency,” explains Khan.

What if parents aren’t happy with the delivered product? “We give a window period of 15 days for each of the secondhand products purchased. If in these 15 days, the parents feel that the product is not good enough for their child or has some functional problem, they can return it and we refund the entire amount,” says Khan.

Greener, economical
“This initiative goes a long away in ensuring that these durables, that are mostly made of plastic, are reused till they are in a good condition, which is a small yet sure step towards a greener environment,” says Khan.

Precared also has a tie-up with the NGO, Care India, which works in the field of maternity care and education for the girl child. “Through this initiative, the seller parents can either pledge the entire amount of the product sold or part of it towards charity,” signs off Khan.  

What’s on sale?
Prams and strollers
Cribs, cots and beds
Ride-ons, playards and play gyms
Baby carriers and wraps
Toys, cradlers and rockers
Sterilisers and warmers 

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