Where do chefs binge at during Ramzan?

Jul 03, 2014, 08:00 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Hassan M Kamal invited three celebrity chefs to share their favourite places in Mumbai to taste authentic Ramzan delicacies

In Mumbai, I mostly go to Mohammad Ali Road for Ramzan specials. During Ramzan, the entire area has a different energy from what you see usually. The pop-ups that emerge here during Ramzan serve delicious food.

Workers at JJ Jalebi ready Malpua during Ramzan at Mohammad Ali Road. Pic/Bipin Kokate

Kunal Kapur
Kunal Kapur Executive sous chef, The Leela group

I love the Nihari at Mohammed Ali Road. I also like the kebabs at Shalimar. But it’s the Beef Paya that I really look forward to, as it’s only during Ramzan that you see that dish in Mumbai. The Beef Paya at Bara Handi is really good. For chicken dishes I usually go to Noor Mohammadi. I am also a sweets addict, and during Ramadan I always have the Naan Khatai at Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala. If I need to indulge in Malpua and Rabdi, I head to JJ Jalebi.

Moshe Shek
Moshe ShekChef and owner, Moshe’s

My pick for Ramzan specials is Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar at Grant Road. I love their food, especially their Mutton Biryani, and kebabs. Though they are served all year, I always look forward to Ramzan to eat there. They are open till late in the night, the vibe is also different during Ramzan. It’s lively, where it feels like day even in the night. They serve the best kebabs. In fact, the fried stuff that they make during Ramzan is to die for, be it the fried kebabs or tawa kebabs. For regular, snacky stuff, I got to the Null Bazar in Bhuleshwar and the Bohri Mohalla area. All the street kiosks serve amazing dishes.

I gorge on their tawa kebabs and Mughlai paranthas. This time of the year can be quite amazing.

Ranveer Brar Senior Executive Chef, Novotel Mumbai
Ranveer Brar, Senior Executive Chef, Novotel Mumbai

My personal favourite place for Ramzan specials is Lucknow’s Chowk area, for its Iftaari items, but in Mumbai, I love the Bohri Mohalla.  I love all the food served here — be it in restaurants or the pop-ups that emerge during Ramzan. My favourite dish is the Haleem served in street stalls at Bohri Mohalla. I also like the Khichda and Bara Handi for its evergreen dishes. But when it comes to seekh kebabs, I prefer Haji Tikka Corner. The guy who makes it is really good at it. They are amazing and costs very less. In sweets, I like the Malai Khaja at Bohri Mohalla and Phirni at Tawakkal Sweets. It’s very good.

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