Where Folk meets Funk and Jazz

Aug 16, 2012, 09:25 IST | Surekha S

The man behind Glam Slam Recording Studios, Suresh Mendoza got together with talented studio musicians four months back to form the music band Sur. They present a unique genre of music as they blend folk rhythms with Funk and Jazz. He gets chatty before the band's first big gig this weekend

How would you describe your brand of music?
It’s Folk music with a Funk twist. We have experimented with a lot of tunes. We have used Indian Folk music and merged it with a little bit of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Ballet and even love songs. It is a modern way of presenting Indian Folk music. As Folk music appeals to everyone, we decided to work with it and present it in a unique way. It also allows us to sing in many languages.

Suresh plays a gig with his band, Sur

What have you planned to perform at the gig?
We will be presenting 14 songs; five of them are original compositions. Before the band was formed, I used to compose music for advertising jingles and corporate audio-visuals. These are songs that I composed a few years ago and they had been tucked away. The rest of the songs are mainly Indian Folk songs presented with modern sounds. And since it is Folk, there will be songs in different languages — Bengali, Assamese, Tamil and English.

What are the instruments that are part of the band?
We have the Indian flute, guitar, keyboard, harmonium, drums, and percussion. The percussion instruments include tabla, djembe, timbale, congas and shakers.

The percussion instruments have been used so that we get a varied range of sounds for our eclectic range of music. At this gig, we are also going to present a song, which is a fusion of Indian and African songs; the djembe will be used
in that.

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