Whistleblower fears for safety, approaches cops

Mar 30, 2012, 07:58 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Police step up vigilance around home of person who blew lid off illegal construction undertaken by gymnasium trust

Police step up vigilance around home of person who blew lid off illegal construction undertaken by gymnasium trust

The Khadak police have increased patrolling in Shukrawar Peth and are maintaining a presence around the house of an RTI activist who revealed a case of illegal construction and encroachment by the well-known gymnasium Chinchechi Talim.

Crossing the line: The illegal construction by Chinchechi Talim

The PMC has already issued an ultimatum to the talim, ordering the trust to stop the construction work and clear the encroachment within 15 days, failing which the civic body will send a demolition crew to do the job.
The police stepped up vigilance after the RTI activist perceived a threat as the talim's trustees and their supporters are upset with the developments.

"I have written a letter to the Khadak police saying that if any harm comes to me, my family or our property in Shukrawar Peth, or if anyone tries to pressurise us, then the talim's trustees and their well-wishers should be held responsible for it," said the RTI activist.

The activist also appreciated the quick action taken by the Khadak police, who immediately increased patrolling in the area.

"When we received the letter from the activist, without delay we sent two fully equipped beat marshals for patrolling around the activist's house," said Police Inspector Rajendra Kadam of the Khadak police station.

Kadam said he had ordered the marshals to make rounds of the RTI activist's house after every two hours and to be on the lookout for suspicious movement in the vicinity.

He said patrolling around the house of the RTI activist would be on a permanent basis.

Musclemen visit cop
Kadam added that before he sent a letter to the PMC conveying police readiness to provide protection if it came to the civic body having to demolish the structure, three to four wrestlers approached him and told him not to dispatch the missive.

"As I had earlier said, to demolish illegal structures in the city is the responsibility of the encroachment department of the PMC. I sent a letter in this regard to the PMC, saying whenever the PMC officials take the decision to clear the encroachment I will provide the police force," said Kadam. "Before sending the letter, instead of the trustee, a few wrestlers approached me and told me to hold back the letter. However, I ignored them and did my duty."

Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Pathak avoided giving any concrete commitment on the action to be taken against the Chinchechi Talim.

"We will consider taking action if it's mentioned in the notice issued by the PMC," he said.

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