Who are 'DP' and 'RK' in Kangana Ranaut's leaked emails?

Oct 05, 2017, 17:46 IST | mid-day online correspondent

In a shocking twist of events, Kangana Ranaut's emails which have been leaked talk about her 'fondness' of a certain 'RK' and a 'DP' who she had a cold war with

The Kangana Ranaut-Hrithik Roshan doesn't seem to end anytime soon. Hrithik Roshan who has gone ahead filing a defamation case against Kangana Ranaut has also deemed himself innocent and hinted at a possible one-sided attraction. Hrithik claimed that he received 3000 emails from Kangana Ranaut's email id and some of the emails have been leaked to the public.

In these leaked emails there have been several references of a 'DP', 'RK' and 'Kat'. These emails talk about how a certain 'RK' took notice of Kangana after her film 'Queen' became a hit. According to a report on Times Now Kangana asked Hrithik to stop checking her inbox since that would provide a ‘misleading’ view of the entire affair. "It will bring confusion and trauma for you as you will never have access to the whole story and you will see things in bits and pieces, it will mislead you into assuming thing, but after we start to date please try and stop doing this, I am sure you will, as I am very transparent in my relationships. You won’t feel the need,” writes Kangana.

Kangana also mentioned that 'Rangu' or her sister Rangoli had sent a particular e-mail, presumably from the actress’ account in which she wrote about 'rk and me being friends with benefits.' RK, in this case, is a Bollywood actor, and Rangoli apparently wanted Kangana to be in a relationship with him. "Rangu was very keen that me and rk have a relationship because you both have exchanged hostile emails and when RK met her he gave her a lot of importance," Kangana writes.

According to a report on Republic TV, a leaked email talks of a distressed Kangana, who is clearly bothered and worried about her cold-war with a certain 'DP'. Excerpts from the email.

"There is nothing to feel scared about all of us are different we must understand each other and be considerate, that’s all baby. Also though I know 'DP' won’t call because that’s has been happening for past 4 days now but the fact that she said and she didn’t, starts to play on my mind and makes me depressed.Even though I know it's because of my disorder that I get so serious about trivial matters but I am still feeling bad that she’s saying meaningless things. I really hope she does that or I will always feel bad about her behaviour. Also, i feel so agitated because this situation leaves me with many confusing questions, what should my behaviour be now?

What should I say if she says, I am calling, or are you free. If I am free I will say I am free then she will say let's meet then I will think I am meeting her then she won’t reply. She's doing this every day now. Is she innocently busy?or is this a trick? How will I ever know?
If I retort and say something rude then would she be hurt?what is the normal behaviour in this situation? I feel I will go mad, what should I do? I don’t want to meet her but if I don’t reply I feel I am not replying. See I am panicking. I feel like crying now.

 Very less is known about Kangana and RK's apparent relationship but the actress writes in her letters that 'rk never paid attention to me before Queen.' She believes that she got ‘brotherly vibes' from RK at a party after which he made a 'slight straightforward approach' when she was shooting for 'Revolver Rani' in Gwalior. As Kangana writes, she told him that she was ‘in love’ with somebody else but did not reveal the identity.

RK deleted Kangana's number from BBM later and she was 'shocked'. "I couldn't figure out why he got so pissed as he too was seeing kat." No prizes for guessing that 'kats' identity here.

Over to Kangana now!

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