'Why am I being linked with Sanjay Dutt?'

Jun 03, 2012, 08:15 IST | Subhash K Jha

The Bol actor is peeved by link-up rumours, says she deeply respects Dutt

In her first Bollywood film, Sher, Bol actor Humaima Malik plays a female gangster, along the lines of Shabana Azmi’s National Award-winning role in Godmother, opposite Sanjay Dutt.

Contrary to the rumours that link Malik with Dutt, eyewitnesses on the sets claim that the duo hardly exchange more than pleasantries.

“For God’s sake, I am seeing Wasim Akram and the world knows it. I respect Sanjay Dutt. We don’t even talk,” says the 22 year-old.

In the Soham Shah film, Malik plays the role of a female gangster forced to take over her husband’s empire after his death. The film is narrated by Malik’s character after the death of Dutt’s character.

Says Malik, “Like my character in Bol, here, too, my character revolts against patriarchy. I am not just the male protagonist’s wife. “Dutt plays my husband but we don’t have a single romantic scene. Thank God! He’s my senior, and I respect him. But we don’t talk too much.

Malik says she is here to play only powerful parts. “I am here to be remembered for my work, not scandals. This industry is bigger than the one back home, and you need more than a good figure to survive here.”

She has homes in London and Dubai and her six siblings are scattered across the world. She says, “I started working when I was 14 years old. Allah has given me everything and I don’t need any man to look after me. I want to see the world, educate myself and make sure my siblings are all settled.”

What about Akram? “We have come a long way. But we aren’t getting married yet. I’ve just started out. I want audiences to react to me like they do to Vidya Balan. I don’t want to be known by the men I work with.”  

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