Why you shouldn't have sex with colleagues

Jul 03, 2012, 05:01 IST | ANI

Having sex with your colleagues could get you fired, a relationship psychologist has warned

According to news reports, despite the inherent complications of office romance, a recent RSVP Date of the Nation report found 28 percent of people were still hooking in to people they worked with.

Sex and relationships, Why you shouldn't have sex with a colleague

But the consequences of a bad romance could result in loss of job, isolation and gossip according to relationship psychologist John Aiken.

“Research the HR policy so you know whether it is actually going to get you fired or not,” a major news website quoted him as saying.

“Don’t kiss, touch or have sex in the office.

“Always have boundaries. Don’t argue in public or in the office.

“If you’re dating someone who is in a position of power over you like your boss, that can create some problems in terms of how you are treated in the office but also how others look at you in the office.

“People can feel somewhat uncomfortable, they might firstly think there is some favouritism going on and there might be jealousy.

“But also when you are with them you might find you are the target of gossip, rumours, jealousy,”'' he said.

What follows is obviously the ugly break-up.

“If it doesn’t work out you’ve got that awkwardness of seeing them every day but you might have dumped them or broken their heart. That can be very painful,''” he said.

“You need to have a conversation with someone that you’re working with early on about breaking up, which is really unusual,” Aiken added.

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