Wife's bra size? Men haven't the slightest idea

Nov 27, 2012, 10:43 IST | ANI

Most men are apparently clueless when it comes to buying presents for their other half

A new survey has revealed that they don’t know what dress or bra size she wears or what her favourite perfume is, the Daily Express reported.

Sex and relationships, Wife's bra size? Men haven't the slightest idea

And some can’t even remember her date of birth.

While 60 per cent of men claim to know their wife or girlfriend “very well”, 23 per cent have no idea about her dress size, the research found.

Thirty-nine per cent admit they wouldn’t know what size bra to buy her, while a staggering 12 per cent can’t even remember when her birthday is.

And 12 per cent of women have had to return a gift they didn’t like.

As a consequence, 40 per cent of couples have ended up falling out because the man has forgotten – or never asked – things he ought to know. 

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