Wine merchants want state to build resort in Nashik

Oct 09, 2012, 07:10 IST | Urvashi Seth

In an attempt to woo more tourists to the state, vintners have asked the government to build a posh, lavish but affordable wine resort in Nashik

For wine aficionados there is some good news. Wine merchants of the state have asked the government to build a lavish, posh three-star property in the heartlands of Nashik to help increase wine tourism.

Wine-wine situation: Vintners say that a government resort offering affordable lodging would allow more tourists in the state, helping to boost the wine industry that in turn would add to the state coffers

In an attempt to increase tourism in India’s Napa Valley, the winery owners have asked that the state build a government resort similar to the ones of Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC).

Acquired taste!
Jagdish Holkar, Indian Grape processing board chairman and the ex-president of Maharashtra Wine Merchants Association Of India (MWMAI) explained that the primary reason for asking the state government to open the resort is to encourage wine tourism.

“The MTDC resort would be affordable, which in turn would open up the market to a larger section of people. As of now, the people that come for wine trails primarily belong to the upper-middle class. But, with an MTDC resort offering affordable housing, this would change and a broader section would be open to wine tourism.”

Holkar also added that if a wine resort was set up by the government, the wineries would receive an additional boost as they would find mention on the official government website.

Wine trails
And this isn’t the only plan up the winemakers’ sleeve. As a part of their initiative to increase wine tourism, they have also started weekend shows at Vinsur Wine Park in Nashik.

“Rather than just waiting till the government builds a three-star property, we have already begun wine shows to woo tourists to the valley,” added Holkar.

The weekend package is planned for 52 weeks and will be restricted to 60 people only.

Did you know?
>> Nashik is the wine capital of the country
>> Nearly 72 wineries in the state account for 80 pc of country’s wine production
>> Tiger Hills Resort in Nashik is the country’s first wine resort and spa

E-marketing wines
To improve wine tourism in the country, the Indian grape processing board has proposed e-marketing. As a part of this plan, the board has decided to form 50 wine clubs across India. “Initially the e-marketing facility will be availed by club members only, which will further be extended to other wine drinkers. Our motive is to reach to as many people as we can. People can come down to any of these wine clubs and taste Indian wines and can register with any of our clubs,” added Holkar. 

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