Woman holds down husband as lover chokes him to death

Mar 26, 2012, 11:43 IST | A Correspondent

Chembur housewife kills spouse by pinning him down with help of a friend, while her lover stood on his neck and strangled him


Unhappy in her marriage, a 25-year-old housewife decided to end her husband’s life with the help of her lover and his friend. Sangita Chandrakant Varak, a resident of Chembur, watched her husband Chandrakant die as her lover strangled Chandrakant’s throat by stepping on it. Sangita and a friend of her lover held on to Chandrakant’s hands and feet, as he struggled and fought for his life.
Choked the life out of him: Sangita used her friend’s help  to keep her husband down, as her lover pushed down his leg  till he stopped breathing. Illustration/ A mit Bandre
The RCF cops arrested Sangita, her lover Ramchandra Shelke and his friend Ramesh Bawdhane on Saturday after almost a month of investigations. 
According to the authorities, Sangita was having an affair with Shelke for over a year and her husband was aware of her infidelities. Realising the marriage was not working, Sangita came up with a plan to end Chandrakant’s life with the help of Shelke and Bawdhane on February 7. 
“Finally on February 10 at midnight, executing her plans, Sangita and Bawdhane held her husband’s hands and legs while he was in bed and Shelke pushed his leg on Chandrakant’s throat till he was unable to breathe any longer,” said an officer. The authorities added that they found Chandrakant’s body at his home in Mapwali Chawl, Anik Gaon, Chembur.
Initially, they had registered a case of unnatural death. However, they were unable to find any evidence of murder and the post mortem did not provide any clues.  Cops received a breakthrough in the case, when Sangita kept offering different statements, which raised their suspicions.
The doctor also said that Chandrakant was killed through strangulation. “Finally we were able to arrest the three on Saturday. The accused have confessed to their crimes,” said C S Yadav, senior inspector, RCF police 

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