Woman says alien lovers give her 'out of world' orgasms

Mar 15, 2013, 11:20 IST | ANI

A British psychic has claimed that she has had sex with aliens and enjoyed "out of this world" orgasms

Speaking on ITV1’s This Morning programme, Stephany Cohen said that she enjoys a physical relationship with aliens who she calls Grays, the Sun reported.

She said that she is often visited by them for sexual encounters and is able to have orgasms when she contacts them - giving her a better experience than any physical lover she has slept with and has no need for a real boyfriend.

She calls the group Team Spirit. They have a UFO, a flying saucer, with which they go off to planets within the solar system and also way out of the solar system.

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She said that it happens in her mind when her physical body is asleep.

When asked if that could it be a dream, she said that it’s not as, according to her, a dream is a friendly way of letting you know what you’ve been doing without scaring you.

She then stated about Ian the Octopus Man, who stays quite close to her, like a spirit boyfriend.

He happens to be from the octopus race, she said.

“All of them indulge in sex, but particularly the cat people are extremely, highly charged sexually and it’s part of the cat people culture,” she said.

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