Woman tricks man after he sends photos of his private parts on Instagram

Updated: Feb 09, 2020, 15:51 IST | mid-day online correspondent |

The woman Jenn Tisdale took to Twitter to share the horrific incident, and also decided to teach the man a lesson.

This picture has been used for representational purpose only
This picture has been used for representational purpose only

In a shocking incident, a woman received photos of a stranger's private parts on Instagram. The woman, identified as Jenn Tisdale, took to Twitter to share the horrific incident with her followers. After receiving the unsolicited photos, Jenn decided to teach him a lesson.

While sharing her ordeal on Twitter, Jenn said, "This morning I received an unsolicited d*** pic via Instagram from a man I do not know. What follows is a beautiful story I wove about an app I made up, that should exist. Enjoy!"

When she received the photos in her inbox, Jenn pretended that she could not see them and apologised to the stranger. She said the image wasn't coming through. She further mentioned that she had a photo blocker app installed on the Gram. Talking about the app, Jenn said that it is very helpful for women and at times because the "saddest men, men so so so sad that women never touch them" often like to send inappropriate photos, reports Mirror. Co .UK. Not realising the trap he is falling into, the stranger said she was right that men are animals.

Giving information about the app. Jenn said that the app is called C***Block because that's what happens to those dudes in real life. Getting mistaken that he is developing a good rapport with the woman, the stranger even suggested that the creator of such a genius app should be awarded a nobel prize. But when Jenn dropped the bomb, the man realised what he got himself into. Further up in the conversation, Jenn says, "It immediately sends the image and profile to the local police." She even mentions that she will get a call from local law enforcement asking her to come and file a sexual harassment case.

She also mentioned that men who have sent her d*** pics have been arrested. Jenn said, "It's wild. LOL, one guy lost his job and his wife. Technology is wild!" Although the stranger read the message, he remained silent. The tweet, which was shared on February 2, has gone viral since then with 20,000 re-tweets and over 110,000 likes and still counting.

Taking to the comments section of the post, one Twitter user commented, "I love how he is agreeing with you and supporting your app, lol. Until the police are mentioned at least," while another wrote, "How did you not end that exchange with 'Hold on, I’m getting a call...." While a third user said there actually needs to be an app on this.

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