Woof woof, give me a hi-five

Apr 17, 2012, 07:40 IST | Special Features

I got my dog, Shopaw, four years back as a birthday gift. He is my best friend. He is very loving; whenever I am sad, he senses it and curls in my arms.

He also licks my hand as if saying, “Don’t worry, I’m there”. I have taught him to greet people, shake hands and give a hi-five. Shopaw is super mischievous.

Whenever he does something wrong, mom gets angry at him. He then gives me a cute puppy dog look for help. If I pet another dog, Shopaw gets very jealous. In spite of being tiny, he tries to attack big dogs. But he’s affectionate to puppies and kids. 

Shilpa Anand, actor

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