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Sep 27, 2011, 10:55 IST | Priyanjali Ghose

The English play Love Letters shows that writing letters to convey love works better for soul mates at times than saying it

The English play Love Letters shows that writing letters to convey love works better for soul mates at times than saying it

"Love will always be love," says Rahul da Cunha, director of the English play Love Letters. For the last two decades, it is the eternal appeal of love that has inspired Mumbai-based group Rage Theatre to perform the Pulitzer winning play time and again on stage.

And the good news is that Love Letters is back in town almost after a decade. Based on the exchange of letters between two friends over a span of 50 years, the play, written by American playwright AR Gurney is a poignant and heartfelt tale   transcending age and time.

At a time when email and text messages rule, Love Letters is still relevant, according to da Cunha. Describing the play as old fashioned but beautiful, da Cunha says, "It is one of those plays that talks about love, friendship, missed opportunities and various other nuances of human relationships. Letters is only the means. You always want to tell people that you love them."

Love Letters through letters explores the relationship between attorney Andy Ladd III and artist Melissa played by actors Rajit Kapur and Shernaz Patel respectively.

The  exchange of letters symbolises a relationship based on hope, expectation and sorrow that unite the soulmates. According to Kapur, who has been essaying the role of Andy Ladd for the last two decades, Love Letters is not a lovey-dovey play.

The bitter sweet interaction through letters chronicle the journey of two individuals and define the little things that make or break a relationship. Andy, according to Kapur is a selfish human being who wants to make the most out of what life offers him and that is what makes him real.

 Confessing that it is a challenge to enact a span of life from childhood to post middle age, Kapur says,
"It is a thrilling experience as an actor. Your body language needs to change from scene to scene and it needs to be convincing."

da Cunha reveals that Kapur and Patel make an interesting combination of actors and are perfect choices for the roles of Andy and Melissa respectively.

According to da Cunha, both characters are good and bad for each other. Like every other guy, Andy is commitment phobic while Melissa is confused in her head and Love Letters, through said and unsaid words bind their hearts. "Life is all about timing and Love Letters shows how you have to seize every moment," says da Cunha.

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