Yay to the ol' but a girly sore

May 08, 2013, 03:52 IST | Tanveer Bookwala

Ye Ol Watering Hole, originally at Oshiwara was more cramped, and louder than this new fangled avatar. The menu, drinks and finger food remain the same, but it's a no-zone for women

A big screen greets you when you enter the joint making it a great place to watch a football or cricket game. The place plays fabulous Retro music and features a traditional bar, some tables and basic seating over two floors.

For a server, we had one whose mumbled accent and appearance was reminiscent of an old drunk wandering on the beach in Goa. At one point when we asked for the preparation, he gave us his own version and when he came back with the dish, he said that the recipe has changed.


Nachos with Salsa and Cheese totally made up for all the other slip-ups

Also in these troubled times, he seemed over-friendly with the only woman customer present there, and that didn’t bode too well with us either.

For a watering hole, the choice of cocktails is very limited with no house specials or unique imaginative concoctions. Our Bloody Mary (Rs 324) mixed sticks to the basics: tomato juice, horseradish, hot sauce, celery salt, and Worcestershire sauce. It made for a balanced drink with citrus-y brightness and a slittle heat.

But we’d like our stirrer, to be a celery stick, to feel a little classy, if nothing else. Also, the lemon attached to the stirrer proved counter productive to the spice for people who like to keep stirring it.

Chicken Olivita didn’t live up to its billing

The Midnight Blue (Rs 185) was interesting. Blue curacao is a popular ingredient in drinks, such as the Blue Margarita. Traditionally, blue curacao is a liqueur distilled from bitter orange peel, sometimes with the addition of lemon or curacao fruit. This is the non-alcoholic version of the same. Tangy, orangy and blue! A delight, really!

The Nachos With Salsa and Cheese (Rs 180) were delicious. The oven-baked chips are served with melted hot cheese and salsa on the side. While we missed the sour crème dip that would traditionally feature with it, the fresh hot mozzarella cheese more than made up for it.

The Chicken Olivita (Rs 240), a brown sauce tossed chicken (white sauce according to the server), tasted neither appetising nor flavoured. With some cottage cheese thrown in for good measure, the dish looked like something a cheap Chinese stall would serve.

And lastly, the Fish Finger (Rs 290) with Tartar Sauce rounded up the starters with nicely bread-crumbed pieces of fish. No complaints here. Soft, well done on the inside and flavoured with just the right amount of salt to be the perfect accompaniment to the drinks on tap.

An important word of note — this is more of a guys’ drinking place and hardly ideal for a girls’ night out.

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