22-year-old caught by owners during break-in

Apr 01, 2013, 02:05 IST | A Correspondent

Youth who washes cars in Vadgaon Sheri society broke into a house through bathroom window but was caught by residents

A 22-year-old youth was caught when his attempt to steal and scamper failed after the residents of the flat he had entered from the bathroom window heard him and raised an alarm. Identified as Ravi Ramjitsingh Pardeshi, a resident of Anand Park in Vadgaon Sheri area, the accused broke into the house of Papiha Sakit Gaurav, in Bramha Sancity building at Vadgaon Sheri, on Saturday evening.

According to the police, the flat is above two parking floors and the bathroom window faces the backside of the building. Taking advantage of it, Pardeshi, who washes cars in the society, climbed up through the drainpipe and entered the bathroom.

“An object fell with a loud noise when he entered the bathroom. Gaurav, who was in the bedroom, heard the noise and started towards the bathroom to check the source of the noise,” said assistant police inspector SL Dubal.

“He then saw the accused enter the house from the bathroom. Pardeshi saw him and immediately ran towards the main door. Gaurav followed him and raised an alarm that startled Pardeshi, causing him to lose his balance. The fall bought time and the watchman and other society members came out and caught the accused.”

“The suspect is a boy who washes cars in our society. As he works here, he knows that many of us are not at home on Saturday and Sunday. He tried to break into our home but fortunately we were in the house,” said Gaurav. The Yerwada police booked the accused under related sections of the IPC. He was presented at the holiday court and was let off on bail. Further probe is on. 

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