4-year-old survives fall from 10th floor

Jul 03, 2012, 15:07 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav

A four-year baby girl miraculously survived after falling from the 10th floor of a building in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

Although the incident happened about three weeks back, the matter came to light only after Pari’s parents decided to file a complaint against the baby sitter on July 2 after the little girl was released from the hospital.

The girl, Pari Yadav, who was with the baby sitter, fell from the balcony of the crèche located on the 10th floor of of Monarch Orchid, Sector 19, Kharghar.
Incidentally, the Yadavs reside on the 9th floor of the same building.

Pari Yadav
Pic: Sameer Markande

Pari was rushed to the hospital after she landed on a bushy tree, which cushioned her fall.
"Since both of us are working, for a year we have been keeping our baby at the crèche on the 10th floor of our building."

Video courtesy: NDTV

“On June 11, the baby seater, Alka Shukla informed us that our baby fell down from the balcony and she has admitted her to a hospital. The doctor informed us that she has received thigh and eye injuries,” said Anupam Yadav, the girl’s mother.
“I have filled a complaint against the baby sitter at Kharghar police station, and I believe it is a clear cut case of negligence. I accept that it was a mistake to keep my baby with such irresponsible people at the same time it is also the duty of the baby sitter to keep a watch on the activities of the kids,” Yadav further added.
Monarch Orchid building
Monarch Orchid building in Kharghar. Pic: Sameer Markande


Police Inspector, Pramod Bovte who is also the investigation officer in the case said, “We have registered a case of negligence against the baby sitter based upon the complaint by parents of Pari. We will investigate the matter further to know what actually transpired.
However, resident at Monarch Orchid are not too convinced about the Yadavs’ allegations against the baby sitter. 
According to a resident who did not wished to be named, the crèche has been providing service for years and so far there were no complaints against them and this is just one unfortunate incident.”

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